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Hi, I’m White Wolf. I’m about as new to the dark arts as you can get. I have been Pagan for about 15 years. I’m born and raised in Northern Utah, so you might be able to figure out “yes” raised LDS. I came to realize the lies 15 years ago, and then I started a new path. Now I start my path to the left. I’m old in years, but still learning and growing each moment. I appreciate all help that can be given, and offer what I can.


Hey Welcome! what are your experiences with Magick? Especially LHP?

Not much experience. I’m just started walking this path. Learned something through research about weather magic, and small things.

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Hello White Wolf, welcome, nice to meet you.
Always plenty to learn :slight_smile:
Where have you started your new path, any particular workings or beings?

Welcome to the wonderful forum man.

No particular path workings. l’ve read a lot, studied a lot. In the past month I’ve started this new path, trying to understand the workings and finding out there are many.

Much the same as I started out, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s like a clean slate, with experience to boot. :slight_smile:
Which at the very least gives a good foundation toward pathworkings or finding what works for you. I personally find that it’s better to just flow too.

Welcome to the forum White Wolf :wave:t4:

Thank you!

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Welcome @White_Wolf

You say you are new to the Left Hand Path, but did you practice anything in your pagan days? Any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?