New Member - introduction

Hi I’m Oeangedrop - I stumbled on this forum recently and found it interesting reading.
I have been interested in the occult and esoteric since my teens where I started with tarot. However, due to fear mainly, I shut off dedicated practise. Now, life has taken me to a point where I need to “steer my own ship” so I am now reading extensively about magick to prepare myself to practise it.

In the past, I practised yoga, hypnotherapy and recently re-started using mantras, mainly working with Shiva. I am still learning about black magick and this forum is helping. I am a reading about demons currently and want to work with one, following a GoM text so if anyone has any experience to impart on who I could begin with or who you began with, that would be appreciated.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Thank you :slight_smile: