New member - Introduction

I haven’t made “allegations.” :thinking:

There’s room for sharing what we experience, and peer-testing, and that includes both openness and exercising wise judgement in turn. :+1:

Be chill, look into Zoroastrianism and the Egyptian stuff that was almost certainly perverted into Mosaic law. And you may see things on this forum you dislike, just file them away and see if they make sense later, or now… it’s all good, everyone’s learning. :smiley:


Interesting fact - the woman that sits right next to me at work on my left is a Persian Zoroastrian. Have been sitting next to her since 07-18.

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Has anyone read the “Book Of Azazel?”

It is arriving today. Some people have said the book emanates a palpable energy.

Curious as to whether or not I should store the book with protective items such as smudge spray, raw sage, black salt, tar water, etc…

I don’t know about the rambling post. Azazel expects you to do the work to progress in a timely fashion. If you’re moving to slow he’ll let you know. He is not harsh but can be strict.

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What is the nature of the work he expects if you would be so kind to share? Is he going to be offended or insulted if I keep Raphael nearby?

As stated earlier, I do not believe I cannot work with both angelic and demonic energy simultaneously.

Solomon did. Although that would be a whole separate topic.

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This is not the correct place for your introduction @White

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Michael blasted his trumpet and stood bravely as he did at the beginning of his angelic creation. Come to me out of your cloud Belial. You are no more powerful than the first time we met! You are not like Shaddai. You cannot be like him. You are nothing. He made you! You are weak. Your pride defeats you!

I don’t really know what’s going on here, but do you really think the Archangels want you to be on one specific “side”? Think again. :wink:

Your response makes no sense. You affirmed what I said but then made it sound like I was saying the opposite.

What are you saying? I am just telling you what some, especially “left hand path” people keep saying which is choose a side.

Hm this was long ago, maybe I misundestood it as if you were saying the Archangels want you to choose a side. :woman_shrugging:

Quite the opposite, some black magick people said I had to choose a side.

Welcome to the forum! I also think like you, let’s first agree on a few things.
Have you ever meditated? Is it necessary? Do you know how to purify yourself? Parasites and harmful things… Do you know how to close yourself? Finally, can Azazel protect you completely?

Yes - for 30 years I have done banishing rituals, I use Sage often, Sage spray, purification sprays infused with Raphael’s power. Frankincense infusions on my skin. I have a formidable array of ways to protect and purify. My challenge is that I am very hard on myself and when I am in a negative state of mind, that negates some of my efforts so I am learning to step back and reevaluate before giving in to impulse. I do not trust Azazel and upon further research, I realized that I have a long term relationship with Raphael and I do not want to lose Raphael by experimenting with Azazel.

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Where did you learn all this please?

It started in 1990 when I was in a bookstore and purchased Modern Magic by Donald Michael. Long story short…I could not put that book down. This was before the digital age and instant gratification. I followed each step faithfully and just never stopped.

To condense it further - Kaballah is what resonates with me the most. I experimented a little but as of right now I oppose Azazel and Belial passionately.

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May I ask why? (Just curious.)

Many reasons, some of which are too personal to share with the common public. I am aligned with Raphael and Melchizedek, Raphael is the archenemy of Azazel and Asmoday. Melchizedek and Michael directly oppose Belial. Melchizedek is an ascended master who works with me. I had to get my priorities straight.

I really do not use this forum because of my stance. And if I knew how to change my screen name, I would.

I think @Lady_Eva can do that for you.

It is clear that certain entities do not get along well because of how their energies work, like Raphael and Azazel, which you mentioned.
But to my knowledge there is no need to oppose or fight them, since there is no “eternal war” between them.