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My man been showing me how to work and open my 3rd eye for a while now. so thats how i got into this. then i found out about LILITH. when i found her, i was in love, like i found the half of me that i was missing in my life. dont get me wrong, my man is my love, in mean in the spirit world. i been looking and looking and then she came to me. my dark goddess. i always seen my self as dark. im all about it and always have been. my man has been working with me to be more in the light then the dark. but to me, it matters whats going on in the now. people see me as a miss understood person. i see death and see the beauty in it. ever since i was little. now i know im dont the only one who feels that way

Welcome to the forum. How many years have you been practicing?

this year

You’re in for some interesting experiences to say the least.

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