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Hello; my name is Mia, just starting out here. I’ve been a mostly solitary practitioner of various types of magick since about 16 (card reading, rune, oracle, blood magick etc) and recently had interest sparked here by a close, good friend who practices Luciferianism. I’ve been skulking around a bit before joining and it definitely has my interest. Nice to meet you all. :slight_smile:
I’m mostly trying to learn and grow myself as a practitioner.

Hello. I am looking for knowledge.

@Jay_Finn Please introduce yourself properly in your own introductory thread not someone else’s. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

Welcome @MStark . How long have you practiced? You say “since 16” but how old are you now?

Sorry about that.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’m 22 now, still pretty young lol. So it’s been about 6 years give or take. I’ve had experiences since far younger, but only actively practiced around roughly sixteen.

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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome :blush:

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