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Hi my name is Jett. I’m starting out in magick and am joining for advice and help on my journey


Welcome. What topics are you interested in? What have you tried?

I’m doing some protection rituals as of now, LBRP daily and Damon Brands 33 Day Ritual. I’m also practicing my clairabilities and seeing auras. My senses have always been pretty open and I only realised that recently. I want to start with money magick after protection, then when I feel ready I’ll look into contacting spirits.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome :blush:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many new things.

Welcome :blush:.

@Honey_Raven You were told to click the big yellow banner that I linked, and go to the correct place to introduce yourself properly and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick or “knowledge” you might have. This does not meet our rule.