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Hi all! My name is Jane ET. I am really excited to get to talk with like-minded people :slight_smile: Ive been lurking for a while tbh, and finally decided to join. Im fairly new to the LHP, as a practitioner. But ive been curiously delving in since i was a child.

I was raised in a militant, fundamentalist sect of christianity. Very cult-like, fear-mongering type of community. I guess i just always fekt it was bs, from as young as i can remember being in the church compound. Lucifer, rather than Jesus, resonated with me.

Lol these words were blashemy when i told my family. I was ostracized and ultimately shunned out. I couldnt help it though. Their version of the story had so many holes in it, and if you ask anything, youre deemed unfaithfil and get corporal punishment in front of the congregation (if youre a kid).

Lucifer was the only one who would not just validate my questions, but also answered them as a little voice in the back of my mind that sounded like me, but wiser…much wiser lol. I was never off put by him. He brought to me a comforting, familiar energy, and peaceful feeling.

I eventually lost the fear of hell that was systematically drilled into our heads and hearts, which gave me the freedom to go from just researching magic, to actually practicing it. I started with wicca, but the rule of 3 thing bothered me, after knowing so many horrible people seemed to be exempt.

So i moved on to hoodoo, which is very straight forward and absent a moral universe IMO. Ive been into black magic and demons for about a year now, maybe longer. My brother has a very close relationship with Lucifer, and he helped me contact him. Im at this juncture in my life now, a point where magikal aide is imperative. Its a long story, but the short version is my abusive, soldier ex husband took primary custody of our kids in the divorce, with eloquently fabricated lies about me, built on half truths.

Im half to blame for walking in to the traps he set, and for self-medicating with alcohol so much that i couldnt see clearly what he was planning. The irony is i drank to contend with the things he was doing to me. I was a fool. A selfish, self-pitying fool, and i payed the price for it.

Anyway, i was at peace after a while with having to share custody, bc i knew he would never harm our kids. Even when given the chance in court, i couldnt in good conscience, say anything bad about him as a father.

Welp, it turns out i was wrong. My 2 children (under the age of 5) made a huge, shocking outcry of physical and psychological abuse to their doctor, me, 3 family friends, cps, and the police, shortly after i picked them up for spring break.

Ive never been more blown away by his actions, than hearing these horrible accounts straight from my babies’ mouths. It was enough for the judge to give me a restraining order and emergency custody.

The investigation is still ongoing, but we have a hearing in a little under 2 weeks from now, for the judge to make this a permanent arrangement, after speaking with the kids. He lawyered up last minute, so im sure hes going to do his best to refute everything.

2, 3, 4 yr olds do not just make the kind of stuff tbey told us, up. Its too detailed, too dark. So dark, it breaks my heart to even think about it.

I should add that after requesting help from lucifer to get my life back on track, several months before all this, i havent even THOUGHT about wanting a drink.

He helped me save myself and my quality of life. The morning after the ritual, i went from starting the day with a double shot, to being physically repulsed by alcohol of any kind. I literally cant drink lol, my body will not let me.

Tbh, i wasnt even trying to sober up when i contacted him, it just happened, and im so lucky and grateful it did! Because now, i am finally back to being a mother that deserves to raise her kids. Its been 7 months since my last drink, and i still cant even stand the sight or smell of the stuff.

I cant help but wonder is Lucy saw this coming and responded to my desoerate, despondent state, with a kick in the ass to prepare me for it. Hes so amazing. I have so few words that do it justice.

Ive summoned Seere for a quick resolution invilving me obtaining sole custody. There were several strange synchronicites in the days that followed. I feel like its already happened, not in a cocky way, but in a contented peaceful way. I feel ready to take this new life on and get my kids the help and love they surely need, especially now.

I am summoning Eligor, and possibly Belial to team up with Seere, and solidify the results asap, so my kids and i can move on. I feel good about seere and Eligor, it just seemed like a good combo for a quick resolve.

Does anyone think that Belial would be overkill at this point? I dont want to do TOO much if it would cause confliction with these spirits. Idk if Belial is even cool with the other two.

I used ritual 1 from Demons of Magick, Gordon Winterfield, for Seere and got rapid confirmation, so im going the same route with Eligor. Im viewing the two as compliments to each other in working for the same, big goal.

I dont know if using this method with Belial is a good idea though. Ive read conflicting reports about the one who has no master, and how he might be insulted by that method.

Any opinions and experience on this matter are appreciated and welcomed, bc ill be calling on him tomirrow, one way or another. Thanks for listening, and thanks for existing!


Welcome to BALG, check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find the answer and gain much information and insights.


Welcome to the forum.

Please try using paragraph breaks in long posts like this. Few people will read a wall o’ text because it is difficult on a screen.

PS: I added intro to your title so others will know that you fulfilled the requirement.


I already did that extensively, and thats why im conflicted. I need advice from someone specifically about what i am asking.

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I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can’t imagine the pain of someone taking your kids from you and then hurting them. I would ruin him in this life and what’s to come. Belial has really helped me and my kids get out of a bad situation and in turn got a beautiful life in return. I can’t answer your specific question, I’m sure someone else will. All the best.

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Thank you for your kind words, it gives me encouragement to know he helped you in a similar way!

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How’s it going now, what did you decide? I enclose below a link to my own info on Belial, and confirm he has helped a couple of other members with custody battles, and they won their cases:


Thank you for the info! Im a little confused about not offering anything beforehand? Im evoking him in a few hours and had planned a gift, offering, and sacrifice that i feel match the magnitude of what im asking for…enlighten me? So lost!

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Hey, there’s no need to worry about Belial getting upset or anything. He wants to help you out, and honestly there’s no need for any offering beyond the sincerity of your desire, and respectful gratitude for his assistance. Belial’s power is immense, but he does not have power over you. He wishes you no harm, and does not require any sort of bargain or pact.

Be honest with him and with yourself, and you’ll get what you want. Your fear is an illusion created by a misconception. He has no qualms with being evoked with his companion Shem angel. Those who say otherwise fall into the same dogmas as the Christians they so despise. If you must give an offering, follow the guidelines set out in the book - giving one after you have received your results. Otherwise, simply thank him for the assistance and that will suffice.

The demons want to help those who call upon them, as it allows them to express their power and to raise themselves into your reality. There is no cause for fear, though you may experience awe when you see the results of your work made manifest. Simply be respectful, and they will bring you what you desire without issue.


I was thinking of quitting smoking in return. Is that something i would start right after the ritual, or when the desire is met?

I know you’re replying specifically to Lady_Eva, but I’ve looked this up recently myself-- typically offerings of any kind are given after seeing your request accomplished, whether it be a tangible or intangible offering. This is actually mentioned in the post above you! You can begin your offering at any time though, it’s just recommended to do it afterwards. Good luck!!


Thank you, i did read that, but wasnt clear on the nature of it. Thank you for clarifying!

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