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Hello there,
I’m new in this forum.
I’m a 20yo male from Miami, Florida.
Although I’ve read many books on LHP, but haven’t really tried any rituals practically.
For now my main focus is to soul travel. I am going to buy EA koetting’s course on that topic.
Looking forward to have some great discussion in this forum.




Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum! Lots of great knowledge to be found here.




Welcome to the forum @Nomed




Welcome to the forum :smile: astral travels are very dangerous its required a lot of discipline. :wink:

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@Nomed Your profile is set to private and there is no way in hell I’m unlocking that thread right now. Here’s your reading. Sorry it’s late, but I had surgery yesterday.

Coming Love Interest Spread

1 - Who is your coming love interest. VII The Chariot.
2 - His/her work, job. 3 of Cups.
3 - His/her quality. 5 of Pentacles.
4 - His/her flaw. Reverse 3 of Pentacles.
5 - His/her look. Reverse 6 of Swords.
6 - What he/she will think of you the first time you will meet. Reverse Knight of Swords.
7 - What you will think of him/her the first time you will meet. XVII The Star.
8 - His/her feelings for you. Reverse II The High Priestess.
9 - Your feelings for him/her. XVI The Tower.
10 - The strength of your relationship. V The Hierophant.
11 - The weakness of your relationship. 2 of Swords
12 - Love potential in long term. Reverse 4 of Swords.

Putting It All Together:

Your coming love interest is someone with great self-control. Their job involves community, celebration, and friendship. This may be an events planner. Their quality is of someone who has gone through loss and still worries. Their flaw is lack of collaboration and not really progressing in using their talents. Their look is of someone who looks overwhelmed. Possibly dark hair and medium skin.

The first time you meet, they’ll see you as tactless and reckless. You’ll see them as hope and serenity. Their feelings for you will be shallow and they’ll ignore intuition. Your feelings for them will be ones of revelation and upheaval.

The strength of your relationship is tradition and similar beliefs/education. The weakness of the relationship is a stalemate with emotions guarded and avoiding truth. The long term potential of your relationship is one of anxiety and restlessness.