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Is this the part where i tell u about my self and experience in magic?

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I previously linked you to what is required for a proper introduction, but apparently you ignored it.

I never ignore it my fren, it takes time to understand the site am sorry

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My name is Daniel donnovan rollyford !!! I am from kingston Jamaica, mother nature give me life and let me go in the world!!!

My artist name is Makarta i record dance hall music, anyway my mom got sick when i was young and 1 of her feet bigger than the other, she was curse by walking in bush at st Thomas, my family is a family like this, they fight each other’s blood run like river each time and i was just staring because i was young, and my life was like i live with demons at my home my family home as about 10 room and a big back yard with nuff trees like banana and mango and others like wild bush, i use to hear my grand parents talk about the house space is curse and i believe in this demon and curse from that day and i told my self i am going change this family and remove the curse, now i plan that and i have it in my intention i believe the demons know!!!

Is like they read my mind and thaughs, hear what they do to me, they use a sex demon on me to rape some one it’s like i miss couple hours out of my life and when i come to sense the girl said i did this! And i was like what the hell u talking about? And she show me the prove!

And from that day i was in the court for about 16 month and i get sentence March 2, 2018 2 years in prison, July 1, 2019. am coming out i am in prison right now as i speak i believe in all magic i just want to be apart of the family because am lonely, i am the chosen one in my family, i can see people die before the day come I don’t know how to control that part of me but the thing is, the person in the dream is not the 1 who die but some 1 close to my space they die in the same clothes i see them in and everything, yes i am a believer and i know this choose me, mother nature shou me visions the creater give me the sight to see demons and know when they around, please my family here i respect everyone here and if u want to know more are if i miss out something just tell me plz!!! @MAKARTA

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Thank you lady_eva :grinning: