New member, hello

Hello all,
I just joined, I figured I would give this a chance. I’ve never really been a forum type, but information via internet search engine is cluttered and Facebook groups are full of shitty people. I hope this forum will be a good resource.

I’ve been following this path for several years. The first Daemon that came to me was Stolas. I was living offgrid in the Rockies, alone and needing money- not a lot, just for groceries. I prayed to the universe to give me a sign. A few nights go by and I dream of a dark owl. The following day I get a sudden urge to go outside and collect tree resin off the ground. Didn’t know why, never done this before, while collecting I felt watched and continued to see a very large raven near by. The same muse later encouraged me to sell the resin online. I made well past my target money’s worth and also met a Luciferian who has become a great friend and a repeat customer of my artwork. I turn to Stolas for geology and my natural arts (taxidermy, other nature mediums) now, which are major hobbies of mine.

This is already becoming long winded. Lol. To quickly close, tther Spirits that I have felt a connection with are Azazel, most of my adult life I have felt drawn to him- even before knowing squat about Demonolatry, Papa Legba and recently Dantalion. So I hope to build a relationship with Dantalion here soon, and that is the immediate reason why I am here.
Additionally, I hope to begin work with Bast to watch over my 3 precious life lines.


As far as my attributes, can’t say I can offer much in terms of Daemonic work or advice, as I have been a solitary practitioner and I don’t believe my workings are very traditional. I am here to learn.

Anyway, I hope to grow my knowledge here. Thank you for having me.

Respectfully. :black_heart:


Hello welcome
And thats a nice kitty


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum. Bast as temples in the ether. The best one is her exclusive rose pink golden with the purple doors.

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