New member, had some experience but need help

Heya… My name is sunam, I M 20 now. I have a little experience satanism but always was contacted by the dark Egyptian gods like Anubis or Seth and also I have a sweet spot for Astaroth which for me has been like a mother lol… I have some big problems right now and I am looking for some help. My experience won’t go past semipossesion and lucid dreams so no evocations or stuff like that.

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Welcome to the forum.

What does this mean? How much is “a little?” What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Like, anubis and seth, I can call them whatever I want… Hm… I have some death powers and some small tricks from seth, also a small astral gift from seth a dagger, and about practicing I lucid dream every night and see a lot of world. I kinda never did not have to practice… It came to me in auto mode. I just had to let myself into it and it was natural. Also, a little elemental control (just wind and water but not like movies). And kinds that s it I guess… I did more ocult stuff than satanism, but astaroth and belial were always in my life tho. But more. Ocultism and after a shroom trip, I understood how demons think and I wanna get closer to them.

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Welcome aboard the magick train ride Sunam😀

Thank you :>. Finnaly I found a forum with not fake people. It will be a nice ride I guess hehe :>