New member, ambitious magician

Hi everyone, my name is Hilda Winterhold. I apologise if I am doing this wrong, I’m still learning :slight_smile:

I’m 18 and have been practicing magick for the past four years and have learned so much during that time. During that time till now I’ve worked with Demons, Angels and the most notorious Djinn. I’m from Africa and have high hopes to initiate into Haitan Vodun, as I feel extremely drawn to the Loa. I hope we can all be great friends and learn from each other!


Greetings, I’m just about to send you a PM with some useful info in. :smiley:

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Hello Im new too! nice to meet ya!

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Hey there! Just trying to get use to everything round here :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :innocent: it’s completely unrelated to the thread but what part of Africa are you from?

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Im from South Africa, I live in a relatively small town planted right in the center of mountains. We’re situated in this Valley surrounded by forestry and farmland :>

Welcome to the forum.

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Wow really…I could tell from a mile lol, that’s cool. I’m from the western part of Nigeria :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to balg.

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That’s really awesome! Would love to talk with you in PM about spirits and each other’s practices if you’re down :slight_smile:

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I’m down everyday…I’m pretty new to all these also though :joy::joy:

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Awesome, please send me a message because I have no idea how the forum works :sweat_smile:

Oh I think you’ll be unable to send private messages for a while since you’re pretty new to the forum, it’s normal for new members until you’re promoted to a certain level cos same happened to me when I joined too, but you should probably just stay active on the forum for a week or so.

Then the private messaging feature will be unlocked for your profile

Ahh that makes more sense. Wanna talk on a different platform?

Welcome along.

You should get a message from the bot named @demon , which has a basic course on forums functions.

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Welcome @damned.for.power

What, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

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Yeah sure what’s your Facebook? I’ll contact you

Please use forum messaging, sorry to be on your case but we get an awful lot of attempts to spam us with Instagram so we just had to ban links, new members can receive PMs sent by others on here, and reply, just not start a new message. :+1: