New (maybe) Presence:

So, I’m sitting listening to music and feel this dark prescense in my room. Like a dark heavy presence. The only spirit I interacted with today is Lilith and I know it’s not her because her energy doesn’t feel dark like this to me. Surprisingly her energy has a very bright warm feeling to it. This is like the opposite of that. Also the presence feels evenly spread out throughout the entire room I am in. I can’t seem to locate the specific area the spirit (?) is in right now. Like the presence is equally heavy throughout the whole room. If that makes sense.

Stuff like this make good opportunities for me to work on my senses lol, because I’m trying to scan the prescense. If I had to describe the energy, it would be a dark blue or purple in color (I associate color with energies), feminine and heavy. Like a heavy fog. It doesn’t feel bad or threatening either. Just clueless on who or what it could be. I’m good at getting basic information but suck at getting more then that. Also I didn’t summon anything…

Also I think it’s got an affinity for nighttime. This isn’t the first time I feel a dark presence as the sun is setting. And when I scan i get images of darkness (lack of sunlight) and ocean (representing the color). Just random stuff comes up. Feelings of nostalgia too.

Also, I noticed that I felt pressure on the bridge of my nose…I don’t know what that means. Pressure on the bridge and going off to the sides under each eye… Earlier today I felt pressure near the “third eye” area while lighting a candle for Lilith. Didn’t feel Lilith’s presence manifest like how I feel this one, but my “third eye” was going off like crazy (the pressure feeling) so I assumed that was a success.




The ocean part was a metaphor. To describe how the energy feels (color), Im not sure if the spirit actually is associated with water in that regard. This energy was also feminine, like a dark feminine which is what I associate with oceans for some dumb reason. I’ve also gotten images of forests at night or stuff like that. Night being the common theme.

I think ( not 100% sure) this is a spirit that keeps visiting me (more recent?), because it’s not the first time I feel this. And either the energy feels stronger at night (lack of light) or it’s visiting at night… But I’ve noticed that too. Idk why darkness would make it’s energy feel stronger like the presence within the atmosphere of my room. It’s not threatening in any way, I don’t feel frightened or any bad vibes. So it’s not that type of darkness. There’s actually a calm, almost serene but serious vibe to the entity too.

I doubt it’s a commonly known entity. I’ve considered who it might be and idk none of the well known demons really match (like I don’t get a feeling it’s one of them) with it.