New magicians, do this before and during any spellwork for faster results

I wanted to share some steps and tricks with you all that I have been doing for a couple of years which helped me to strengthen my work and bring faster results.
Let me know if you will or have tried it and if it brought you anything positive.
The subconscious mind is the most important to have on your side in magick so I focus on that and I really enjoy working with what nature gives us to strengthen the magick, my rituals look like a spice/herb shop has exploded at times.

-Step 1 Middle Pillar Exercise ( I always start with this exercise to activate my energy body.
-Step 2 DMT Meditation (15min at least) There are numerous videos on Youtube.

-During meditation burn a mix of Wormwood and Mugwort incense to open up your senses, get the pure stuff so you can inhale it safely. If you are able, do the 4 fold breath a few times too.

-Before or during the ritual, do a light self hypnosis. You can simply close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down some stairs, pick any number between 10-20 to go deep into your subconscious. From that place down there, speak to the spirits you are working with or plant the petition you want to activate. With your eyes closed, try looking through your third eye, you should feel a slight push, this activates it and makes you able to receive visions.

-In your spellwork, burn your petition and add chili powder to it. This helps to bring things in faster, Fire and chili, both hot, both fast.

-When doing Love work, make sure to actually love yourself. If you do love work from a place of contempt or jealousy it rarely works. Ladies, go put on your sexiest lingerie, get some honey, rub this over your curves, put on some sexy music, dance, add cinnamon and rose petals/water on top of the honey, rub your body until it feels hot, use this energy to activate your petition with your hands! Beam the energy into it, set on fire.
Put a rose quartz, tiger eye, amethyst and carnelian in your bra. Charge these with your energy and wear them with you for 7 days.

-For better results in love work or any work in that case, speak to your target like they are in front of you, visualise their face, tell them all you want from them in the present tense, so not: you will love me, I want you to love me but Say: You love me so much and you cant get enough of me, tell them sweet words and tell them who you are of them : I am your girlfriend, I am your bf, I am your wife, I am the only one you love and want, I am your … (fill in) I am so happy you do everything for me (imagine what they do for you).

  • For the smokers under us, go get some Damiana, and see your psychic skills open up.

This is it for now, I will add more things when they come to me.
Let me know if any worked for you and if you have more tips that you have good experience with, please share them :slight_smile:


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