New magician n coincidences (introduction)

Hey BALG, I’m Amy! but you can just call me Ames.
As I have just very recently started this account (obviously) I hope to learn a lot from you folk. Im not very experienced, all I’ve dwelled in and fascinated my curious mind with is tarot cards, crystals and pendulums. I’m not particularly into magicK but would like to get more into it as I suspect my grandma who’s passed could’ve have been a witch herself or partaken in some form of witchcraft (Most likely Wiccan she did have a lot of angel statues but that could also just be her being a catholic idk) (My grandma was very loving and had a strong intuition) (she was also somewhat spiritual tho but that also could be her being a Pisces I simply do.not.know)

I’ve always had a thing for wanting to predict the future whether it be forming a stronger intuition or simply wanting to know the outcome of something grand.
What started this curiosity was receiving said tarot cards by a close friend of mine as a Christmas in 2017, she and I along with another friend of ours sat in a booth at a McDonald’s and exchanged gifts, previously before that day I mentioned that I was curious to try some form of craft out and receiving those cards as a gift from my friend made me giddy with glee :slight_smile: I was excited to try and see how and IF they worked, During this time tho I was struggling To maintain a friendship that I was desperately trying to hold onto as losing this person felt like it would shatter my world apart (spoiler alert it did)
I asked the cards what the outcome would be and yet before I even touched the cards I had a feeling I knew what the answer was going to be: That this person would be leaving me and by cutting off ties it would create complete chaos within myself.
I asked when the date would be when we would part ways and it told me at the end of the month of February.
Next few months passed and the end of February arrived,we cut off contact.
The cards were right.

Around the time contact was cut off I had forgotten about the cards until that day came and realizing that the prediction had come true came to a complete shock to me when I had realized it actually happened.

Since then I fooled around with the cards a bit more, making more predictions and seeing what outcomes I would make. although the future can change I think messing with the cards made me more aware of feelings and surroundings.
Very recently though I have felt slightly out of touch with my spiritual side so maybe being here can help me bring it back it’s been a weird slump :confused:

There’s always been some sort of weird coincidences having in my everyday life now maybe it’s my subconscious telling me to go back into cards. it’s all very small and could in fact just be coincidental but things like one day for example I would watch a video commentary on a very old movie i HAVENT seen in a while and later that day my stepsister will ask if I want to watch said movie just out of nowhere which is strange because why today??? Why not tomorrow?? She doesn’t watch movie commentaries and I watch them with headphones but why that movie?? Does that make sense? It’s also not her type of movie.
Another coincidental thing could be I could talk about liking something and later that day something about the exact thing I talked about shows up, Or mentioning something old no one else has heard about in a WHILE and seeing it in a store or hearing somebody else who I don’t know mention it. I can’t think of anymore experiences and I really should write them down because there’s just been so many.
I can’t tell if this really all just out of my brain reaching or if there’s something in me I simply do not know is there yet and that’s what I hope to find out.



Thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

I’ve edited you title so folks will know this is an introduction.

Welcome :blush:

Welcome, Ames!
You could try a journal if you’re experiencing a lot of coincidences and you’re interested in divination, it can help keep your perspective in order and you can analyze things later.
Plus, journals are pretty fun.
See ya around!

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Welcome to the forum.