New Magician Introduction - Beast of Marbas

I’m Rob (aka Beast of Marbas) and I’m new to the forum. I’m a new magician with a practice in Chaos Magick, sigils, and demonolatry looking to find a community for insight, sharing skills, and general knowledge.

I work with Marbas primarily, but have been in contact with Lucifer and Raum. Recently started to exalt Asmodeus. Of all of these, I have had the most direct contact with Marbas and he’s helping me with my life goals.

Looking forward to wandering the forums and having conversations with like-minded LHP folks.



How long have you been practicing?

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Welcome to the forum, DarkestKnight ask the questions so I don’t have to. :slight_smile:

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That’s a bit of a complicated question. In some ways, for like 20 years. In other ways, about 2 years seriously. I was part of a pagan/Wicca group in my late 20s-early 30s and we did what I would consider now to be “practicing” in one form or another. I studied tarot back then, did meditations (which I would now consider “pathworking”), and tried to define a personal religion for myself (proto-Chaos Magick).

When that group fell apart completely, I lost my spiritual group and got very burned by the personalities of others, so I retreated into atheism and science/logic-based philosophies and mindsets.

BDSM practices (me as a sub/slave/boy) reawakened my spiritual side over a long period, culminating in a relationship with a mentor who is a Satanist. We lived remotely from one another and felt we had past life connections (strange ones, really). He brought me to Satanism over the course of two years of contact

About 3 months ago, we reached a crisis point where he was set to enslave me (BDSM-wise and possibly magically), but then failed to go through with it. I snapped awake at that point and realized my own power. I’ve been exploring that since and have rededicated myself to President Marbas. Engaging my power in a real, honest way has been therapeutic and productive as I’ve grown more in the 3 months than in the two years. So, in the end, the crisis was welcomed in hindsight.

So I’m here now, still exploring.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience. Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

If you are willing, I would be VERY interested in knowing more about your BDSM practice carries into your spiritual journey… and how it reawakened you? Sexual leanings are something that I have always felt have a spiritual tie in… BDSM especially but I’ve never know exactly how to put it all together.

Of course, no need to share anything you are uncomfortable with. Thank you!


For me, the physical ordeal side of BDSM has been a pathway toward cultivating spiritual energy. I’m not a pain pig or anything, but the ordeal aspect really helped me tune into human energy and thus, start to manipulate my own.

Ordeals became rituals, became ritual spaces (sex clubs, gatherings, leather runs, etc.), became specific mentors, etc. My fetishes related to transformation got me involved in erotic hypnosis, which lead me to my Mentor (a noted erotic hypnotist who happened to be a Satanist). One of his tracks literally woke me to demonolatry and from there, I developed to where I am now.

Now, I try to incorporate BDSM into my spiritual practice, giving myself mini-ordeals and/or casting while actually having BDSM related sex. It’s slow going because, well, giving yourself ordeals are difficult to push your own boundaries and finding local practitioners who get you can be awkward. But, I’m making slow strides.

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Thank you for sharing.

That is very interesting. What track was that? And does he make them public (like on tumblr etc…) or does he only share them with people who he is in contact with? Very interesting that it opened you to Demonolatry. I have seen a lot of satanism/demonic stuff around sexual spaces (such as references, symbols, hypnosis etc) I always thought they were just some weird freaky fantasies that people had, but the last few weeks that I’ve been studying all this l, I see that it is not so… that is actually very much aligned with their world views and spiritual practices. Breaking away from the church, the things you are talking about etc…

How did you stay focused enough on the ritual aspects and tuning into human energy instead of becoming lost in the sexual/ painful aspects… I feel like I would be so overcome with arousal that it would be difficult to focus on the spiritual aspect…

But it is interesting, because I have thought about these things before and have even had a tumblr page dedicated to my exploration of spirituality and those “darker” more “extreme” things and used it as a way of exploring that ideology and accepting that side of myself that is into those things.

Also…are you a Satanist now through working with your mentor?

When you do these rituals in these spaces…turning these experiences into rituals and the locations into ritual spaces…are you involving spirits into this? Invoking them or evoking them?

When you use the word Ordeals…is this just a word that you use…or is this an actual term used in those circles?

The Track: WarpMyMind - Serving all your erotic hypnosis needs

You ask how I can stay focused through the arousal, well, I guess in my system, the arousal IS the spiritual power, so flooding with it is a good thing. A lot of my magick is sex-based and/or focused on sexual matters (not all, but most).

Yes, this is a way to explore those “darker” and less accepted things in our minds and to express our fetish sides in a more concerted way. I agree with that, although I realize that “darker” and “lighter,” etc. as adjectives are somewhat meaningless from a Luciferian perspectice. These practice are just what they are, no more no less. We can judge them darker or lighter or more moral or more perverted, etc. any number of ways.

I consider myself a Theistic Luciferian. I tend to keep my invocations into my own body but yes, I try to live my faith and invoke Marbas and my other patrons wherever I am whenever I want. I think some of the ritual practices can be artificial (beneficial to create mindspace, but ultimately, artificial). The demons do what they want and can manifest wherever they choose, however they choose.

For instance, I invoke Marbas at my gym on a daily basis and ask for his knowledge and art when it comes to human physiology to enhance my gains and make certain I don’t injure myself. That’s just one way I seek to “live” my faith.

“Ordeals” was just a word I’m using to refer to any number of ways a BDSM session can go can cause pain, discomfort, intense bliss, etc. Usually there’s an aspect of a sub/slave enduring an ordeal from as Dom/Master for their pleasure. That’s what I was referring to.

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