New Love Reading

Hey guys,

I just did a reading about my new love and the 2,4,6 of cups (upright) were pulled. I get a major reconciliation vibe as well as soulmate energy type of things. How would you guys interpreted those cards :slight_smile: thanks in advance!


In the Thoth system, that would be a very sexual reading, but the 4 would indicate some sort of complication due to secrets

I really like seeing cups in love/ relationship readings. They are the ones for, self growth, love and family all of those things. So, I think you are spot on with the vibes you are getting.

I was using the tarot of vampires, my bad for not writing it in the initial message. Thank you for your response and interpretation.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Was this a Past, Present, future or just a random three card because with a PPF this is perfect they fell just as they should.

I asked how will my new love be like :slight_smile:

The two of cups is certainly a good sign for any new relationship. It symbolizes the fruitful coming together of two different people in an equal and sharing partnership.

The next two cards are a little more interesting. The four of cups, in this context, may mean that you are overlooking an opportunity for love that is already before you. Sometimes, in our eagerness to search for and find fulfillment, we miss what is already right in front of us.

The six of cups relates to memory and the past. There are two possibilities that I can see here. The first is as you suggest - an opportunity for reconciliation and renewal of past things. But there is a second possibility. The six of cups does encourage us to reflect and remember the past, and upright it focuses on the positive especially, but it does not always mean that we should return to the exact same circumstances as the past.

Memory may serve as a guide, allowing us to learn and remember what makes us feel good so that we can create more of this in our future. But the tricky thing with memory is that the good tends to overshadow and outlast the bad. It is all too easy to look back with rose-tinted glasses, remembering all the good times without thinking about the bad. This is especially true for romantic relationships.

One of the most difficult things for us to do is imagine a future that is different than our past. Occultists have known this for some time, and modern scientific research (some of which was done by yours truly) is beginning to find this too. We use our memories as a way to predict and simulate our potential future. This is why it can be so difficult to move on from an old partner - we have trouble imagining a new, happy future without them.

Now, it could certainly be that you and an ex may come together again and find renewed love. Anything is possible. But I would ask yourself, were there good reasons for you to break up in the first place? If things really were so good, why aren’t you still together? Rarely is a break up all because of one person. If you chain and limit yourself to the past, you close yourself off from all the wonderful possibilities and potential that life can give you.

Regardless of who exactly you may explore love with next, my final suggestion is to reflect back on your past relationship(s) and consider what about it made you feel good. What did your partner give to you that was good, and what did you give to them? How could things have been even better? You may then use this insight to create a beautiful new love, where your needs are fulfilled, and you are everything your partner could ever ask for :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you very much for this extensive interpretation and I agree with the memory theory but I would say that the memories aren’t as important as the information the subconscious mind has.

We broke up because of the distance, but after long time reflection I finally realized that she was a toxic partner for me.