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Hey all, My name’s Whitney I’m a beginner in the world of magic, always been drawn to the occult and all things ungodly lol. I’m 21 years old and live in the United States. I‘m carefree, ambitious, yet curious. I’m working on developing my magic skills and hope to be the best in manifesting the things I want by information provided on this forum :slight_smile: My goals are to simply to create a happy life for myself and my child. To be able to take control of what’s handed to me. I’ve never worked with black magic, demons, etc but once I gather enough research to do so, I feel confident to be a practitioner of it one of these days. My interests are in sigil, chaos, and love Magick particularly. I’m open to all knowledge you guys provide and all is greatly appreciated on my end x


Welcome to the forum ! Nice Afro .

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Feels good to be here, thanks!

Welcome to the forum.

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