New interpretation of the “monkey mind”. Could it be useful?

This is an interesting idea that came to me within the last hour. We often talk on here about the “monkey mind” (defined here as the chaotic rushing flow of thoughts in the mind) and often perceive it as a bad thing.

In this thread I’m proposing a different way of going about it.

Basically, in many esoteric traditions, such as Indian traditions and tapas, keeping silent is seen as a way to attain great realization and power.

My thought here is, could an inversion of this practice work just as well? A sort of practice on the opposite end of the spectrum and what would it look like?

My theory here is based on the way silence works in tapas similar to body mortification practices in Indian asceticism.

The inner tension the silence creates over time results in a build up of power. And so the “monkey mind” version of this could work the same way.

Basically, hand the wheel over to your “monkey mind” let the chatter come as it does and do not impede it but speed it up like an ecstatic kind of ritual. Make music, say whatever comes into your head, make audible the chatter.

Now as you can imagine, there could be some side effects to this.

I talked with Belphegor, a spirit I have a deep connection with and he says that the method I described could give “incredible power” at the “possible cost of insanity”.

Still though, it’s very tempting. Like, imagine getting powers like that of the yogic masters by just letting your thoughts run wild to the point it builds up so much energy…

Just throwing this out there, “Rayne’s monkey mind method”.

I feel like glossolalia would probably be in the ballpark of what you’re proposing.

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The possible insanity strikes me as the ability to see past time on a conscious level. Let us know how it works.

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I tried it. Might need a bit more time with it to attain powers, but I did have some bodily sensations and I also closed my eyes and it felt like things were spinning like a vortex. I’m tempted to keep going with this, just trying to overcome some reservations.

“The best way to overcome these reservations is to simply practice” - Belphegor chimed in as I was writing this.