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Hello my name is Reaper (always been fascinated with the grim reaper) I am 17 years old from Ontario, Canada. I’ve only hust recently started to get into magick, evoking, summoning, etc but I have a few concerns such as I force alot of my emotions (anger, sadness,etc) into list because it is the easiest emotion to get rid of and I was wondering if having an excess of one emotion is bad for this. Another thing is I am recently losing motivation to do anything like school work and chores so I was hoping it is something I can get rid of soon if it is a problem


Welcome :wink::smiling_imp:


Hello and greetings! I hope you have a nice time here.

While it is great that you’re into ritual work etc. You might find exploring certain fundamentals that are the very reason magic works. Consciousness is the only reality. Reality is a unified but infinite field of consciousness. That’s the first thing to fully grasp.

Here’s some reading material for you. (Neville is among the best on the topic of the power of consciousness and the imagination) ( :slight_smile: Lots of new thought stuff that’s handy to provide insight and ensure that you approach ritual work with a balanced perspective :slight_smile: ) The Kybalion. Another very important, albeit slightly more sophisticated, read.

You can also read my blog post on 6 essential things I do regularly for myself. I’ll PM the link.

Thank you