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Hi guys, I’m 29 going on 30. From the south.
I dabbled in the occult as a teenager. Even had some moderate success. I distinctly remember when I was 18 doing a “call me” spell on a girl who I had been talking with, but I called her last & was trying to influence her to call me. I wrote her name on a bay leaf, put the leaf on the middle of my brow/my third eye & sent her a visual image of myself, I believe 3 times. As soon as I had gotten to work she called me & I was stunned. She even came up to my job to see me. It was then that I knew there was something real to Magick.

Before that, I had cast a love spell on a girl who had been flirting with on MySpace. I remember her eventually saying “I love you” to me over the phone & I took it as some proof the spell had worked, but perhaps she said that bc she was already interested.

I’m trying to learn about magick for real now so that I can be adept & cast properly now.

So mote it be


Welcome to the forum.

I do wonder if my success with the bay leaf call me spell, as a complete novice, would indicate that I may have potential as a magician

Everyone has potential as a magician. It is a part of what we are as human beings. Some just choose not to access it, whether because of fear or just ignorance of its existence.

Some may be naturally more skilled in certain areas of magick, but we can all be magicians. Think of it like the ability to run. All humans have it, baring accident or deformity, but not everyone is fast enough to compete in the Olympics.


I thought in a similar way, as it turns out i was already very skilled in healing, mainly in regeneration. Magic is very real, there is no such thing as coincidence, only results.

I knew it was real the moment I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I took it out to see her name calling. The spell was said to work as soon as you had forgotten about it, & I had just gotten to work & got busy enough to stop thinking about it.

All of us have the ability, sure, but some of us may be more inclined than others.

Might I possibly be one of those, since I achieved success as a complete novice?

I dont want to say yes or no because i am not the best to answer that. But i will say if that was your first spell and it was that successful you are capable of more than you think

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It sounds like you are trying to make yourself feel “special” about being able to do magick.

Like I said, everyone is capable of magick. Having such a success as a beginner is actually very common, because you are tapping into the child like imaginative state of awe and mystery that comes with trying magick for the first time (my first success was a candle money spell that brought a result within two hours)

I think you should get it out of your head that you are more “inclined” towards magick than others, because that kind of thinking as a beginner can lead you into spells and rituals you are not ready for, and that will destroy your life and mind. Magick is very real, but the dangers are very real too.

The more you learn in magick, the more you will discover if you may have a natural affinity for some aspects of it (you may be a whiz at divination, for example, but couldn’t summon a demon to save your life), but it all comes with time, and one success really doesn’t mean a thing.


That makes sense, thank you

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You’re welcome.

It’s not meant to discourage you. We have people of all skill and experience levels here, so you’ve come to the right place to find out just what you are truly capable of :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the forum.

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