Middel Level (Adept) Threads


This is for mid-level people that are seeking the next step up from the starter level. I will add any new thread or info over time.

Introduction - Shane
Introduction of myself
Introduction of myself
Hey guys, I am introducing myself
New here
Purple's Welcoming Thread 1.2.3. Hello There
New here


Hi Purple,
Very thoughtful of you to spend your time doing this I appreciate you!
Just wanted to bring to your attention that I can not open the link you provided.


Which one?


[quote=“Purple, post:1, topic:62897”]

Error 401! Page not found.


My bad I didn’t check the links out. I am just collecting info from the forum itself. You could check google to see if that person moved somewhere else online.





Btw about chaosmagic, I read a intresting technique from a chaosmagician when he made a sigill of love, destruction etc and when he sent it he put it on the screen of the mobile phone, let the light of the screen charge it and when he sent it to the person he called them and when they answered the phone they per automatic accepted the spell via the phonecall… Funny technique IMO hehe








You could always add threads about people’s adept-level operations that they are doing too, because there’s often good insights within those threads.