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Hello everyone I’m from England. I’m new to Magick but have done some reading around the subject over the years. I am an introvert and clairsentient by nature.
I’m interested in demonology and would be happy if anyone has any tips on invocation or evocation. I’m thinking of making contact with King Paimon and I want to go about it properly and respectfully etc.

I contemplate everything about our existence and I’m starting to question whether everything I’ve been taught is the truth. I’ve always been more than closed off to the subject of demonology so I am coming into this with my mind as open as possible… x


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum. If you are interested in working with King Paimon, you will find good info doing a search. Keep on questioning everything, but keep an open mind. ¡Believe!


Hello nice to meet you

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Thanks so much for you’re suggestions. I feel so drawn to him and I’m feeling guilty at the same time because of my Christian upbringing. I was never forced into Christianity but that’s all that was put in front of me since childhood so I’ve never known any different. I’m thinking about purchasing a few books so I can learn about goetic spirits and because of this I’m still half and half about clicking the buy button :roll_eyes:
I don’t want to make mistakes or draw anything negative into my home.
Right now I’ve had my eyes opened to the fact that there is knowledge out there that’s deliberately being hidden from us. So I guess this is me dipping my toes into getting the truth… x

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Greetings and welcome to BALG.

If you have questions regarding Paimon or any other deity there are many posts on rituals, and occult knowledge in general, check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You will find the answer.

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Do not worry about your Christian roots. Many go throught the same situation. But, it is clear that you didn’t want that path in the first place. You need much more, because you know there’s much more to learn. You are no sheep.

Feeling guilty is part of the process, but believe me, soon it will be gone, and once you cross that line and start to feel comfortable with the occult, everything will fall into place, and it will become natural for you. Just remember that most do not share our views, so you might want to consider keeping a low profile about this new endeavour.

If you haven’t started yet with it, practice Banishing rituals, like the classic Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP). That’s a good start.


Thankyou :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Thankyou. I agree with you, I’m definitely no sheep but I feel like a baby soul right now :joy:.

Thanks for you’re advice. I feel I am surrounded by sheep, so I wouldn’t expect a single soul around me to understand this :joy:

Thanks for that suggestion I will look that up now much appreciated :slight_smile::slight_smile: