New Here, looking for help and guidance

Hello ,
I am new here and wanted to say hello. I am interested in finding the correct knowledge within a dedicated order or group of teachers and students.

I’m trying to gain help with creating an Altar in my facility and also I am interested in traveling if need be to a place where I can study and be taught by those who know the correct processes and guide me through the processes so I can accomplish “some” of my goals.

Thank you very much

I am grateful to you all.

Hello and welcome to BALG.

Have you practiced for long or just started out?
Any particular fields of magic you find more interesting?


That is illusion and sleight of hand, not magik. It takes years to master but it’s good if you want to impress women and get a few free beers from making bets.


Mind if I PM you on here instead of email? I may have a lead for you.

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There are sort of overlaps, in that the perhaps most classic ceremonial magick is based on Kabbalah, and one would work both with Tree of Life and Angels or Qliphoth and Demons at the same time.
For witchcraft it’s possible to start from Wicca Spirit Online , also that’s considered low magick and it features spells while ceremonial is high magick and has rituals. The esotericist René Guénon wrote that withcraft tend to have effective practices while in ceremonial magick, when results are not seen, there’s a tendency to make the workings even more complex… Not said on ceremonial magick by itself, but only about what happens sometimes.

I dunno man there is some stuff that I think is the jinn or whatever it’s not illusions . Pushing stuff through solid glass it can’t be just an illusion.

Now what isnt an illusion either are both of ya stalkers .