New here: introduction

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this and still finding my way. I was practising white magick and eventually meandered to the left-hand path…

I have started working with some of the 72, and with good results so far. I’ll post about my experience with Bune in another post :smile:

Looking forward to sharing experiences with you all!

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Welcome to the forum, can you introduce us yourself just a little more? :smile::+1:

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Of course! :smile:

I’m 26 and from the U.K.

I have always had a passion for magic, a calling if you like. Ever since being a child, I was aware of spirituality. I tried to silence this by studying science, but this just made me more intrigued in the occult!

I knew that I was very intuitive, and I could sense things, and magic developed from there. It started as white magick, then I realised that nothing in the world is “white”: there’s always black too, or grey.

I became aware of Goetia and I started to do my own rituals. I recently bought the Demons of Magick though, which has been really enlightening for me.

I am really looking forward to sharing stories and improving my practice with you all. I feel like I’ve already found where I’m meant to be :blush:

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Thank you for telling us more about yourself and what you practice.


Welcome here!

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Thank you so much :blush: