New here! Introduction

Hi I‘m Wisegat
I’d like to say hello to the community. I am from the north of Germany and I’ve been working with spiritual powers for about 5 years now. Started with Nordic Runes and went later into Hermetics, Kabbalah work … I tried to create spiritual rituals from instinct, mostly suggestive meditation. since I didn’t know much about proper magic rituals I just worked with different approaches. I had great results coming into my live but all of the sudden I was drawn into a strange period of about 1,5 year of darkness. Like the Dark night of the soul… It was crazy for me and my loved ones… now I want to work again in magic but I want to find a path that provides more protection. It would be nice to learn from you guys!!!
one thing I should say, I was always aware of magic and I think we have those qualities in our family. But about 10 years ago I had the first time contact with Quantum mechanics . I saw a little introduction of the double slit experiment and from then on I knew that magic works!!!


Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to BALG

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