New here, Hello everyone

Hi guys.

I am new here as well and I can add I am also new to magick too.
My name is Dijana, living in the UK, but originally coming from Serbia.

I am currently interested in gettinG a new job, before all and some love spells if possible.

I had something weird happening to me after and during reading Secrets beyond the pyramids by, Mr. Cobb. Long story short, I truly believe it does start its tunning with you as soon as you start reading it. I immediately got a General Manager position, with double the salary, accomodation, free of any bills and so on. That is all without performing any of the rituals at all or even creating the pyramid itself.

Different styory is that I went on and F***** up the opportnutiy but thats on me.

Hope this is enough of the introduction guys.

Kisses and hugs

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Welcome to the family Dijana! (I also live in the uk)

Beginning the journey is usually a very exciting time but the paths it can lead you to and the secrets you can learn can be beyond your wildest dreams! Read and learn as much as you can and put it into practice with strong, clear intention.

Search the word “beginner” in the top search bar and you should find a lot of information to get you going! There are a lot of great minds here who will be able to advise should you have questions.

Love and peace to you.

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You are an absolute star! Thank you so much.

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Always welcome!

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Welcome aboard :smiley:

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I am talking about this book

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