New experiences and questions, what's going on?

This will be a rather long post, but please bear with me, as I don’t fully understand what’s going on as I walk the left hand path and would appreciate people more adept/experienced/advanced than myself to help me understand these things. For simplicity, I will put it in a numbered/bullet point format, so here it is :
(1. Since I don’t want to “spread myself thin”, I concentrate on one path working/magckal act/whatever/ at a time. I have been primarily making contact with and petitioning Marquise Orias, as Orias seems to be the entity for the job/ most important goal I want to achieve first and foremost, though I do want a good relationship, connection, bond, open lines of communication, companionship and I guess you can say friendship with him as well. I have told him this and, since it’s pointless and disrespectful to lie to a daemon since they already know if you are sincere, I have no doubt he can hear me and look into my heart and mind and knows I am being truthful, just as I make no bones about what I petition him for and why. I haven’t mastered full on evocation yet, but because of what I’m about to say, I think I’ll go for it. Normally I contact a spirit by sigil gazing and enn repetition, along with periodically adding name of entity come to me, name come and be here*, name I call you to me/here for a purpose most important to me, etc… I can always tell Marquise Orias’s presence, it’s calming, soothing, and kinda euphoric, and Orias has allowed me to feel his wonderful presence more than any spirit. I often talk to him and Crown Prince Lucifer ( normally mentally if someone is within earshot, and verbally when alone). Recently, I was on the couch in the living room as my Aunt was watching T.V., and just mentally talking to Orias without doing any calling, sigil gazing, enn, etc… Suddenly, I felt his familiar presence quite strongly for a good 20-30 minutes I think ( time seemed irrelevant ). A couple weeks later I was doing the same thing and telling Orias that I know I’ve been slacking with my development and working/contacting him properly and will try and do better, as usual, asking him “with all respect and reverence” to please bring my petition which he knows well by now to fruition soon and to please not turn his back on me/ignore me/decide not to work with me, etc… Again I felt his presence (not as strongly this time, but almost as if he were casually putting a reassuring hand on my shoulder). In both instances I had not done a calling, I was just mentally saying hi and sending thoughts his way. How is it that I felt his presence without calling him properly? Am I forming a closer and stronger bond/connection with him? Does this, along with the euphoria of his presence (too bad it lasts a few minutes) mean that he likes me and will work with me and bring my petition to fruition (I probably shouldn’t ask " I respectfully ask that you please see this done starting soon", but it’s very important to me and I tell him so). Also, will calling him and stating my carefully worded petition on a pretty regular basis piss him off, offend him, make him feel like I don’t trust him to get the job done, and so on? What does all of this mean? This brings me to my 2nd thing

(2. I wasn’t completely sure if sigils needed to be periodically “recharged/reactivated” or if when they are activated they stay that way. So I had Crown Prince Lucifer’s sigil, which I “activated” again om the table beside my computer. Thirty minutes or so later I was walking by it on my way to get some water and casually glanced at his sigil. I was immediately filled with a very powerful feeling of love and of being loved. It wan’t romantic love , family love, or anything I can label, it was much more “raw” than that. I also felt drawn to the sigil, to walk to it and gaze into it. This is different than how I normally feel his presence, which is kinda like my body has some amount of ferrous content and there is a big, invisible magnet in front of me. Why was it this love feeling and what does this mean (I have also “sent thoughts his way” about how I know I’ve been slacking and will try and do more and better, just as I did with Orias)?

(3. I want to create a manipulation servitor using the simple outlined/streamlined Damon Brand method for the same task as I petition Marquise Orias for (not to make a specific target a zombie slave, but to make them see things my way and do something for me that I want them to do, to have their thoughts actions, beliefs and behaviors controlled/manipulated in such a way as to get them to do a specific thing for me which sn’t illegal and it’s not crazy or something like winning the billion dollar power ball lottery, but it’s really important to me. Will this piss Orias off, cause him to say “fuck it, have fun with your servitor”, cause him to feel like I don’t have faith in him to do the job, or will he empower it/work with it, help speed things along or what? Also, when creating a servitor using this simple method, as it gestates and is born, do you ee it with your physical eyes? If you don’t see it with your physical eyes but are visualizing it taking shape and becoming more “tangible” using visualization in your mind’s eye, does that still work?

So those are my questions. Any knowledgeable answers are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cthulhu

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