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The Vampiric Chain from Ancient to Modern Time

An initiatory guide to the 45 most adept Lords and Gods of the Undead and sinister science to inherit their Dark Gifts for Apotheosis in the Vampiric Chain…

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An Initiatory Guide To The 45 Most Adept Lords Of The Undead And Sinister Science To Inherit Their Dark Gifts For Apotheosis In The Vampiric Chain… Receive Two Free eBook Chapters Right Now

Dear Friend,

I am Vampiric Adept, N.D. Blackwood, author of the new master-grimoire Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism live to order on Halloween.

You might know me from my two preceding grimoires released over the past three years.

  1. Draugadrottinn: Lord of the Undead
  2. Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon

The initiatory guide that you’re about to discover, Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism, is truly unique and historic in the Chain of Vampirism. Many grimoires such as The Ars Goetia and The Lemegeton exist, giving the exact names, sigils, and procedures for communing with demonic entities. However, a massive encyclopedic grimoire of the Undead Masters like mine has never existed in the Immortal Lineage until now.

My first grimoire, Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead, presented a magickal system of Vampirism based on over a decade of personal research. In the grimoire, I unveiled the different aspects of the Necromantic current, known today as Vampirism, and having as its objective the Quest for Immortality.

With my second grimoire, Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon, it became my mission to accurately transmit the old teachings inherited from my private mentors within the Green Order. In it, I presented the Draculean Initiation system as it was practiced by our Elders in previous centuries, through the Dark Gift and the Sacred Magic of Abramelin. This book revealed Vampiric Magick as it was practiced in Europe since the age of Emperor Sigismund and Barbara de Cilly, while giving a complete system of initiation into the Art of the Strigois. In the second part, I unveiled the Brotherhood of the Night, a non-exhaustive list of 15 beings who had lived a human existence, and who, having freed themselves from it through Undead Magick, had gained an astral form of Immortality.

The First Encyclopedia Of 45 Vampiric Lords And Masters Of The Undead In The Draculean Chain

Over the last couple years, my pioneering magick of the Immortal Pool became the subject of hundreds of emails, conversations, and consultations with fellow Black Magicians. This motivation brought me to author this new third grimoire, Encyclopædia of Vampirism — to innovate the first encyclopædia of 45 Vampiric Adepts and Undead Masters in occult history.

From the Egyptian myth of Osiris, to certain Nordic and pre-Celtic mysteries, my mentors in the Green Order carried out priceless research and rituals across magickal traditions, awakening their ancient powers and the knowledge of their distant and ancient civilizations. Many them asserted a common origin in their traditions of Immortality, asserting that this was the fruit of prehistoric gnosis, whether inherited from pagan deities, or even having come from outside the confines of our universe.

Dear reader, you must recognize that the commonalities across ancient and medieval civilizations in their Quest for Immortality almost always features the magick of the Vampire. While the differences in their cultures gave different faces to the Undead Adepts, the underlying Quest for Immortality remained ever present.

This unprecedented encyclopedia has compiled works of my own, my deceased predecessors, and my living comrades. Every one of the 45 Lords of the Undead presented in this grimoire will possess all the documentation and records of magick innate to them, and an initiatory ritual to work with them.

I present every one of the Adepts with their Vampiric characteristics, and offer different pathworkings for the Initiates to venture into the Draculean Chain and rise on the Path of Spiritual Immortality. Their priceless teachings can be worked individually as a standalone spirit, or they can combine into the current of your lifelong Vampiric working. I present the complete table of the Undead Masters with whom you will commune in Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism on the page available through the link. Please know that this does not even scratch the surface of the the Dark Gifts of the 45 Adepts…

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I have never understood where the immortality of the Self is achieved. Is it through draining human prana itself or is that I shall sacrifice the drained prana to vampiric entities that then will give me immortality of the Self?

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Oh yeah baby.
We’re VAMPING this Halloween!


N.D. Blackwood what’s your opinion about the physical body preservation after death to prevent the second death?
Would be a problem for a cremated person for example?
The story tells at least in the anciet egypt the need for the physical body preservation in a extreme level for a person survive a astral death.

In the Encyclopedia I have a full chapter about this question : Osiris.
Using cremation is in direct negation of the cult of the undeads, and will destroy the anchor on this plan made by the physical body.
Preservation had to be chosen.

But no one has control and knows what their death will be like. Let’s suppose an accident happens that damages the body? or that even if a person dies with him intact, he suffers cremation by his relatives…? Or the place where the person is buried is destroyed for an event… There is a lot of possibilities.

This will largely depend on the type of damage done .Adepts of the past were killed off by means of the time without empeaching them to come back to an as undeads. No I dont think a thing that work if you receive an atomic bombe for exemple.
And you’ll have to give instruction to your relatives by testimony to be buried, or best mumified instead of being cremated.

Second to the temple of vampire the undeads manipulate human history for heaving a better and more quantity of energy source. That would explain for example the large number of human beings nowaday and a society completely lost in some values that is easy to manipulate. What do you think about this subject?

Not a theory that I would endorse.
This would made the undeads the major force behind human politics and evolution, wich in my opinion isn’t the case.

Thank you for all your attention to the answers. Disregarding some orders and people who believe they were born with a vampire “soul”, that I disagree, you think that somehow people carry some types of “preferences”, knowledge and skills from something that we could consider as past lives or something else ? For example, some of us who tune in to these types of paths despite being born into adverse circumstances feel this type of thing, for example being born into a Catholic family but always having “seen” the world and reality with different eyes. This also gets a little into the subject of free will about how much we choose things or “destiny” leads us to such things.

I’m not sure if I am understanding things right. Now as I read about Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism, it seems to mostly be about just absorbing energy and what your state will be after you die. I just want to know. Is there anything at all with those practices that involve reshaping your current reality? Impacting how someone feels towards you, your circumstances, etc.

Also, the rituals in the grimore itself, can they all be performed inside?

Encyclopedia of Wamphyrism acts more like an Encyclopedia of rituals with around 50 different entities. The magical aspect as already been devellopped in Scholomance.
Encyclopedia act as an “add on” to the 2nd book of Scholomance, the Brotherhood of the night.

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