New Divination Technique

So I just woke up from a dream where I was using a mixture of iron and gold filings on a piece of paper to do divination. I had placed the mixture on a sheet of white paper and hovered it over a magnet. An image of Belial’s sigil appeared. I then removed it, rescattered the dust and retried again. Sure enough the sigil appeared again. Now in real life I have been contemplating to work with Belial, but haven’t acutally done so because I wanted to develop my astral senses some more. In the dream I after I saw the sigil, I asked him if he’ll help me and he said yes.

Now there are some rules to using this technique.

  1. Dont expect to see well defined drawings or pictures (as I did in the dream)
  2. Dont put the magnet over any other pictures/drawings or sigils. It should be on the floor)
  3. Your movement of how you hover over the paper will heavily influence the outcome so you need to lump the dust to the centre of the paper and slowly bring it downward to the magnet.
  4. There should be a 2:1 mix of iron and gold.

These were the rules that I somehow understood in he dream. I also dream’t that Belial had asked me to share this with the BALG community.

If anyone has had a go at this, do let me know your experiences. I’ll definitely be trying it out soon.


Dunno why but the i ching came to mind while i was reading your post. Dunno if there is any connection off the top of my head, I’ve skimmed through the system but don’t use it so don’t have that info on my fingertips. But there may be something there useful to you.


Interesting. I shall delve into it to see if there’s any connection.


Too bad I don’t Have gold and iron on hand