New card spread style

Haha tonight just now came up with a new spread style with my oracles .
This us how it goes:

Im calling it the quadrant palmists spread.
Card 1. At bottom left where the thumb is where uts often referred to as inner passive but as its related logics and fire aspects Im calling this Inner Passions
Card 2. Bottom right where the lower percussion is I’m calling Inner Reflections
Card 3. Often called outer active. Im calling Outer Passions again youll notice that the aspect involved are the Will, water phalange & where the Inner Mars sits
Card 4.Outer Reflections I’m sure uts obvious with outer marz Mercury /air phalange. …
Card 5. The surprise card . This part of the palm relevrs a persons temperament the planw of mars and reflects the attitude of the liver and I could go on.
I found an easier way to read 1. Gaze at the picture understand its basic symbolism then close your eyes and place your left palm over the card you just visual and Relax youll feel the pulling & tingle as you receive a deeper connection with thst picture.
I am so excited… my own design had to share it. Might actually enjoy tarot after this :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I am going to try this on sunday :+1:

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Going to try it too :raised_hand::grinning:

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Loveee it!

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