New book by Theodore Rose

While looking for something else I noticed there’s a new book from Theodore Rose, “The Art of Magickal Enchantment”

Just a heads up because I know there are quite a few here who like his previous book :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks good based on the blurb, I assumed by the name it would be basic, (like charging items for a purpose was what I assumed) but the blurb implies it might be more useful for many of us than the title would lead us to believe on its own. I do note it’s a short read however, so I’m not sure what to expect until I purchase it and take a look.

Here is the link.

Edit: I did purchase it and I can tell from the first chapter we are talking about much more than simply making magical items. So my brain totally took the title wrong :expressionless::rofl::woman_shrugging:


Theodore Rose is a legend! Thanks for letting us know.


I purchased it, read it, but have not worked with it yet so cannot really give any feedback except to say I didn’t gel with his Lucifer and the Hidden Demons book.


Yeah I took the plunge and bought it as well. The something else I was looking for fizzled out so I bought this instead lol.

To be honest when I saw the list of things you can do in it I thought oh, isn’t there more?

But in the chapter entitled “Finding Enchantment” if you let your thoughts jump through some hoops, it looks like you can expand quite a bit on what he’s suggesting for the results. I’m guessing you can apply more meanings if you want to within the context of how he’s presenting it :thinking:

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It definitely looks that way and I like the thought process needed to come up with your desires for the rituals. The need to think of others, even if it’s only to get what you want, is a good practice.

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Yes actually I’ve used that often before when manipulating minds without rituals. Like if I wanted something and there was a third party in the way I would aim it as me wanting ‘whatever it was’ and the other person going away and finds something better suited to them I would actively see them thinking “yeah, I’d rather do…”

I would picture them being happier out of the way. Not like they are losing out but gaining something new which made space for me to get what I wanted.
It works, of course with effort but I’ve not applied that thinking before with rituals so this part is interesting :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve been waiting for him to write another one.

@shinri thought I’d tag you in as Rose seems to be a favourite of yours.

The mentality in the method is conceptually quite different to other processes I have come across. I look forward to giving it a try.

I’ve only just got the book and given it a quick skim so far. I’ll start reading it properly tomorrow and give it a go in the coming days.

The ritual objectives look incredibly useful. But I do have concerns about “Enchant a person to forget a painful memory”.
If it does work as advertised and causes the memory to be forgotten, that is quite problematic. Forgotten memories still effect people. Painful memories need to be processed through, ideally with the emotional triggers delinked from them as the end result.

But that aside, I am looking forward to working with this book greatly.

Pondering “Enchant a person to realise they have been deceived”. I wonder if one can enchant the relevant people in an organisation into realising that they are being deceived, without knowing who those individuals are.


Just so you’re aware, shinri has left the forum, though he did not ask for his account to be closed.


I was a bit disappointed with this book , LHD is one of my absolute favourites with the most success. I don’t really need to influence anyone in my life at the moment so don’t need to try a ritual and see :pensive:


Well, I’ve tried two rituals. Time will tell.
One is to help someone let go of bad habit. The other is to have someone adore my company.


How did you find the book overall?


It seems fine to me, very simple rituals. But I can’t provide really worthwhile feedback until results start to occur


I am a little disappointed there wasn’t one more chapter or a ritual for working with the spirits outside of the given material.

I think many of us will be able to figure that out, but since it’s already broke down so simple, many people might forget that if our need isn’t covered we could go direct and find out what else they can do, if they are willing to work with us or if there’s a capacity they could fill we aren’t even considering.

It would technically be safer for the newer magician to these spirits, if the experienced one had laid that out for them and shared what methods had worked for this, I guess is what I am thinking!


I live in west Africa and it’s sometimes hard to get this types of books from shops here but I have been able to get it through the dark website which is on Ebook free pdf the book involved a lot you really did well to bring this out well done


I look at the spirits in black pullet and see which ritual has those names then can see what other things I can do or maybe change them up as I assume the sigil is more just a focal point to the particular effect you want rather than the set of spirits involved. Maybe developing your own sigils for the said spirit by possibly calling them up and doing an automatic drawing of a sigil they give for a task? or just interchanging names of a sigil that has those names in the black pullet. I have done 3 rituals, awaiting on result currently. I would think surely lighting a candle or burning the sigil in a bowl would be beneficial since these are fire spirits.


Possible results. Did two rituals 12 days ago. One to let go of a habit and one to have someone “adore” me (that is how the ritual terms it), in this case I was seeking a good easy platonic friendship with a particular person at work.

In terms of the latter: We always got on well but we have more of an at work friendship, not really any depth to it. Today some circumstances led to us hanging out after work for a while. She was so much more chill and open and engaged and interested, there was very much a spark there that there hasnt been before. Not in the romantic sense, it felt like we were very close and long term friends, a wonderful easiness to it.
This is a very marked change. Whether it was the result of this ritual or not I cannot be certain. I will see how things develop over time.

The habit: This may well be a coincidence. But another member here recently offered and performed a group cord cutting. I participated and chose this habit. Its been remarkably effective so far. Very pleased.

I acknowledge that the timing of the group cord cutting is likely a coincidence, but thought it worth mentioning. The friendship outcome too may be a coincidence, but the difference was so notable that I thought it worth providing this update post.


It’s not wise to get any of the magical ebooks for free from dark web. The authors put a curse upon their books and it’ll bring curses to those who aquire their material in illegal ways.

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That’s right my dear,but I don’t have money to purchase for what you are saying am just a poor guy trying to make it in life it’s not as if I have the money and tried to do it that way I really need help this is the truth about me I can’t hide it

Lots of free material on this forum, youtube, online on google and even free books can be had that will teach you the basics about magick, sigils etc and all manner of stuff. Make a sigil to gain the money to buy this book as a good tester.