New Belial Sigl?

Saw this posted on another forum.


If you scroll down you will see a sigil for Belial that I have never seen. Anyone seen it before?

Nice find! I haven’t seen any of those before, I don’t think - it might be worth asking him, next time some of us evoke Belial, and then maybe comparing notes?

Yes, good idea. Last night I was working with him and I know my fav occult author has a book called The Scorpion God about Belial, I had the good idea to put some dead scorpions on a piece of charcoal to burn, it stunk so bad I had to stop the ritual, the smell was sickening. I will ask him about this sigil for sure.

I’m no doctor but couldn’t the poison from the scorpion travel in the smoke. Or maybe the heat neutralises the poison.

No idea, the scorpions were dried up though, been dead for awhile. I’ve been stung before and lived.

The book can be downloaded from here : [url=][/url]

Btw the demonic pictures in the book are very interesting

But demon’s dicks yeww

Why did you burn the Scorpions? What was the magickal intent behind that?

As for the Sigil, no - have not seen it before. Interesting.

As for the scorpion incense - Try adding a small amount of Copal resin and Sandalwood chips to cut the scent of the scorpion down. I use this mix with bone dust and it works rather well.

As an offering to Belial, I burned the scorpions. Ok, this is getting weird, after my ritual with the scorpions, I wasn’t going to mention this, but I saw that demon with the giant member in my dream. I had a feeling in the dream that it was Belial, I just put those 2 things in my mind just now. Did the ritual, found this book on another forum, the guy who runs the blog is Romanian and so am I. Thank you Belial. I am gonna draw out that sigil now.