New Avatar Power by Geoff Gray Cobb

Quite a good right hand path book. What are your experiences with it?

Its one of my treasures, and its also a guilty pleasure. I picked up my original 1st edition when I was around 16 in an antiquarian/secondhand bookshop in Cambridge (England). That copy, I still have but do need to get its cover restored. I picked up another copy later.
I did a lot of workings from it during my military training. Had a few failures and lots of success.
It is not as RHP as it appears, thankfully it has a good balance and is a favorite by Parker publishers.

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strangely enough, i never got into the evocation part of the book that much! i was working on the other parts of it that everybody else seems to ignore to develop magickal skills a bit more.

i worked with the pendulum and some playing cards and got pretty solid with my pendulum work to the degree that i no longer use tarot cards, i only use my pendulum and if i really need to find out anything i break out a simple pack of playing cards. my reading skills multiplied tremendously from using the nap method.

unfortunately, i started to lose interest in using the nap after i got my radionics machine. i still recommend the book but don’t use it much anymore myself. maybe i should get back into it, it packs a punch

Its my magick cookbook!