New and saying hi

Hi I’m Paul very new to the whole Magick “thing” but eager to learn and explore.

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Welcome paul please tell us more about your self!!!

I’m interested in chaos magick and also the relationship (if any!) between science and the occult Also the reality of of other intelligent beings . (I believe they exists but have yet to experience one that i know of).
Last but not least its all so vast and sexy why wouldnt i be interested!!?!!


This forum is about all magic, you can become a living God by commanding demon what to do, believe is the most important thing and your intention, what do u desire? Anything you want it come from your intention

Welcome to the forum.
You should have received a pm with links to some resources to get you started. There’s a wealth of knowledge here, so you should have everything you need to master your chosen path :slight_smile:
Chaos magic is a great choice to get started with: straight forward and alot of its techniques can build a firm base for further magical work

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