New and ready to learn

Hello all I’m new to the BALG community and looking forward to learning in a constructive environment. I have a bit of experience in magick, but I wouldn’t consider myself a master or anything like that. I’m mostly interested in evocation and refining my spiritual senses. I’ve gone through a few of E.A.'s courses and am a big fan of Kingdoms of Flame. Admittedly I’m not one to post much but I am working on it. I’ve been a Satanist for about 5 years and do recall fondly breaking away from christianity the first opportunity I got. I’ve since been working to undo all of the negative indoctrination and inhibitory conditioning of living in an environment meant to subjugate the spirit. I’m pretty serious about refining my craft at every opportunity. Cheers.



What methods do you have experience in?

How long have you practiced?

What goals or struggles are looking to magick to help with?

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I’ve had success in evocation and have gone through Evoking Eternity. I’ve been practicing for about three years. My big goals right now are to get physical manifestation with evocation and figure transfiguration out. There is quite a bit of good information and discussion here so I’m just taking it all in at this point.


Thank you for elucidating a bit more, and welcome :slight_smile:

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No problem, thank you.