New and non experienced

Hi im new and wanted to summon paimon i seek to understand him and seek knowledge


Please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glasd). There is a lot of information on here about King Paimon and how to evoke him.

Thank you is he dangerous at all thats really my main concern

No more so than any other.

Magick itself is dangerous.

King Paimon is forgiving of beginners as long as you are respectful.

Ok thats reassuring but i have some coke a d some candy to offer because i heard he likes sweats but i was gonna to draw a sigil and try to speak with him but am unsure if this will be enough

You don’t just draw the seal. You will need to “open” it.

This is the technique for opening a seal:

I have made a new sigil i have read over the post multiple times now the only questions i have aredo i have to be alone or is my dog being here ok and do i need candles or would looking to the west with sigil in hand be enough

Also do i need insense or no

No, you don’t need incense, unless you are doing a full physical evocation of the spirit, for which the incense acts as a manifestation base.

No, you do not need candles unless you want some to set the mood.

Yes, your dog can be present if you want him to be.

Ok i have some candles to the left and right of me i created the sigil and put a single drop of blood on it to create a link and to open the gate ive been saying king pioman i will create the link as ive been gazing at the sigil and im not sure if it s worked i think it might be when i close my eyes i feel something and i feep like theirs something in the distance i should look at

First asked yourself a good question why do you need to summon a spirit.

Well for my first meeting of him all i want is a moment of his time to speak