New and confused, which entity to evoke?

So, basically I want a girl and in my mind, I have some features/preferences which I want in her.
Idk which entity to invoke, I have tried to work with king paimon once or twice in past, and I never really talked to him, it was like some trance.
From past few days, I’m trying different enns, I mostly hear them while doing work/before sleeping. I listen to enn of luicifer/paimon/satan/bune/dantalion/sitri.

I know what I’m doing is not right way, so please advice/guide me.
Thanks btw. Also advice me a book to read to being my journey properly

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If you are seeking a lover, Paimon is not the spirit for the job, as He has no interest in love magics.

Some more appropriate demons are Dantalion, Sallos, Sitri, Rosier, Kret, and Ladilok.

Type “evocation guide” into the search function, and click on the third option that comes up.


So you want a girl, but don’t know said girl - like you want to manifest/attract said girl?

Lilith, Sitri, Aphrodite, Freyja, etc might work. If it’s more a love situation, then go with spirits such as Aphrodite, Lilith, Freyja. If it’s more lust goaled, then Lilith, Sitri, maybe even Asmodeus, Belial (?).

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Thanks for the advice.
The girl is just an imagination. For example, I asked sitri for a girl who is not from my country. so, I don’t know the girl, it’s just an imagination.
So, should I read about all of them and evoke all of them, or only the ones who catch my eyes?

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Thanks for ur advice. I am looking for love for sure, but the girl I want is just an imagination of mine and I want a girl to come in my life, make me happy and make me fall in love with her. Sound too romantic I guess :joy:. So, who to work with?

Sallos can help with love, whether you have a specific target or not. I would recommend either using a ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick to petition Sallos, or alternatively, the ritual of union from Henry Archer’s Magick of Angels and Demons.

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Thanks a lot for ur extra specific advice. I appreciate it a lot, it’s like as if u served me what I wanted on a silver plater.
Can u also recommend me any book to get started into the journey of LHP.

Lol you’re welcome. It is easy to give advice when we know exactly what you are looking for :slight_smile:

If you are interested in demonic entities then Demons of Magick is probably the best book I can personally recommend.

There is also a list of books in the post below –

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Thanks again for ur kind help!

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I would recommend Fro’ghla’tasch from the Book of Azazel. He can bring someone into your life to your specifications. Just remember, though, that the more preferences you have, the harder it will be to find someone that fits them.

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Thanks a lot again for making time and giving the advice.

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Hmmm normally demons know better what’s best for someone. Are very intelligent beings with thousands of years of expirience.

The most important thing to remember and apply is: never learn a banishing ritual. What’s the point? You’ll probably be alright, the first few times anyway. It’s not like there’s any energies with which you’ll need to dispense or entities of whom you need to deal. And also, when you get a grip on banishing it really helps you to evoke, or at least cleans your work space and should be used for so many things; like baneful workings, destroying bad habits, etc.

So just jump right in the deep end by evocation (or better yet, invocation).

I bet you haven’t written these “features/preferences” on a piece of paper using the shortest, most precise set of words you can - have you? So how can you know exactly what you want and direct this desire? Write and consecrate with any sexual fluids to hand and burn!

That said, I recommend Naamah and the Search function. She’s lovely, even with beginners! Good luck!



I like your way. Will you like to mentor me, please?