New adventurer

Good day to all.

My name is Lupine (as I chose it), I am a rookie psych vampire from South America.

My awakening happened a year ago, after I did a thetahealing session and got introduced to all astral things. I did not practice any sort of magick before that, tho I could really see traits in myself througout the years (healing friends for a distance, seeing the ether “particles” in the air since I was a child, believing in astral creatures etc).

I am native american, therefore, strongly linked to shamanic roots and beliefs. As a vampire, I do not feed on blood, only astral energy. Currently I’m slowly studying psychic vampirism, rune magick and stuff related.

Also, I’m 24 years old and a huge heavy metal lover.

Thanks for accepting me!


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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thank you for making me aware of that! lol

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Hello welcome

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome :blush:

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