New addition to the fam


I’ve been studying atrology for over a decade. Started getting into ancient civilizations and ancient texts. Which lead into seeking information about old gods and goddesses.

Having some trouble with a neighbor so I googled curses and here I am.

Not sure what else to say. Dabbled in Wicca as a teen. Then I got busy adulting. I’m brand new at trying to contact demons. I’d like to find a patron soon.

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Hi welcome to the forum

Thank, you. I’m trying to figure out how to request a ritual? I know it’s best to do these things yourself. I still have a steep learning curve and that takes time. I need to get rid of this person now.


Do you have any experience in magick beyond your dabbling in Wicca?

Not really. Unless you count election charts for timing things. I’ve tried two things recently. A voodoo type spell on a pesky neighbor, ( Not working). And an attempt to contact Lucifer light bearer. I’m still purdying up his altar. But so far silence.:worried:

Magick almost never has an instant effect so how do you know your “voodoo type spell” isn’t working?

And if you have never had spirit contact before, how do you know Lucifer isn’t already listening?

It doesn’t seem to be working because it continues to get worse for me not him.

I never said I’ve had no spirit contact. Just not with this particular spirit. I know how to spot signs and omens. So far nada. It’s possible Lucifer isn’t the one meant for me and I just haven’t found the right match.

As long as this person goes away it doesn’t matter where help comes from

I have two goals currently. I know it takes effort and time. I’m totally willing to do the work for my longer term goal, within the next 6 months. But I I need to get rid of the d-bag above me ASAP.

I’ve been reading through the success threads. And some more experienced practitioners do see results or at least the start within a few days. I was wondering if there is a particular thread for requests for spell aid? Also a meet up thread? I’ll do a keyword search but if anyone has a link handy that would be great.

I’ll try a paimon/candle magic spell. I’ve got some strawberry daqueri with his name on it.