Never thought of this... what do you guys think?

I was on tiktok and came across this. Kinda interesting. Never heard of it and grew up in a sort of Jewish family(my moms side of the family).

Wanted to get some opinions on whether you’ve all ever heard this? I think it’s a reach tbh lol. But wanted to know what y’all think.

The witches on tiktok are… pretty toxic if you ask me.

Real ones or the plastic ones?

Well, the Jewish religion ripped off a lot from the Zoroastrians, but nobody’s really complaining about that.

Work with who you want to work with. Let the people not really practicing join in that type of debate. The rest of us have work to do :slight_smile:


So they were saying you have to be Jewish to work with Lilith? That’s pretty nuts, I don’t like the concept and The earliest known sources referring to Lilith didn they come from the Babalonians?


Coming from someone who was raised Jewish around Jewish mystics, Lilith is an open practice! She has much earlier roots in Sumerian and Babylonian mythologies. She is a powerful goddess who cannot be contained to a religion who wanted to make her out to be something she is not. Mother Lilith is for anyone so long as you respect her, her teachings, and actually take the time to look into her mythology. Witchtok is a shitty place, I refrain from any drama and purely post educational content if I ever do. :green_heart:


I saw something similar on r/witchcraft maybe 4-6 weeks ago. The OP was telling people not to work with Lilith unless you were Jewish. They were quite adamant about it. It got downvoted into oblivion and even got a “fuck you” from someone who responded.


Hiya OP! This is an example of gatekeeping. There is an enormous difference between closed practices and closed entities, and the fact that this individual cannot differentiate between the two tells us that it is not a practitioner of any capability. Let the witchlings wonder! It’s all they can do, anyway. :slight_smile:


Well, since Lilith is technically is one of the “bad guys” of that faith it would likely not be accepted comfortably by others who are not inclined to work with her regardless if you are a Jew or not. But let’s be honest, the spirits do not fit in the pretty categories we try to put them into anyways.


Im going to say this without being political. Who cares? Who cares what they say? If you feel a pull towards an entity you should try to work with them. Im white but ive started working with egyptian deities. Before that sumerian deities. And before that greek deities. Im not egyptian nor sumerian nor greek. Also a word of wise as an anime fan. Never take what an anime pfp says seriously (well not 24/7)

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Lilith by name is part of Judaism, but it’s not a closed practice, but I agree with Nimosdomus, it’s not really important. Only some practices require initiation and even then the entities themselves can choose to initiate you, not a physical person.

Some won’t some will, it depends on the entity not the people who think because the practice is closed off that it needs them to bring people into it.