Never have I EVER seen a candle do THIS

Having lived in fire-prone SoCal all my life, I never leave unattended candles burning. Ever. When I do candle magick (and am not using chime candles), I snuff the candle out as needed and re-light the next day.

I’ve been burning the same candle for a few hours each night for several days. I’ve used this manufacturer’s candles before and they’re very good quality.

All signs were good - burning a bit faster than usual, burning very cleanly (no tunneling), and a strong, tall flame once it’s been burning for a while.

And then tonight, after I lit the candle and recited the spell, it burned normally for about a minute, then sparked, made a sizzling noise, and WENT OUT.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

I re-lit the candle and recited the spell again, and the flame looks normal, but what the hell just happened?!


I’m way too new to everything to have any useful comment about that strange candle extinguishing itself but can I just say thank you for being so conscious about fire safety. Much love. I did equine rescue two fire seasons in LA and Ventura and got so sick from the particulate.

Regarding the weird candle event, what was your sense about the cause? Any intuition?


Fire safety is second nature when you know people who’ve been evacuated or lost their homes. :fire:

I have to wonder if the candle was trying to tell me something. What, I’m not sure.

There could have been a draft or there could have been something wrong with the candle.

Could also mean the work is finished. There’s a stronger force working against you, so you should stop the work, as your spell won’t manifest.

On the other hand, it can also mean, your spell has already manifested.

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Definitely no drafts (all doors/windows were closed). It was a spell for money, so I don’t think anyone’s working against me (this is a tough time for everyone).

If you are looking for answers in the pyromantic analysis of the candle, flame wax ect. You need to look at the divinatory context.

If you are doing a multi day ritual for a specific goal it could indicate an obstacle in the path of your goal that needs to be cleared.

Somethin like a road opener spell may be called for.


The thing with pyromancy is if your going to use it as your divination of choice you have to analyze events in perspective of symbolic omen and situational context.

The way you put a candle, set a room, mix wax if your making your own ect. Either on a conscious or unconscious level effect the burn since the prep work before the burn effects the burn on one level or another.

From the magical operators perspective there is no coincidence. All is part of the operation until the operation has been closed. So how a candle burns or behaves is symbolic of potental signs that may arise during manifestation if not dealt with properly.


Well, the spell is for money and Coronavirus layoffs did hit me a few days after I started burning…

Opposing energy that spirit cannot go through. This is what my intuition says.


defect in the candle wick strings. so the wet wax turn fire off. don’t think too much into it.

While possible it is still a matter of considering the issue from both the perspectives of the mundane and the magician.

While mundane causes for a flame going out are numerous and coincidental, in the contextual perspective of the magick operation there is no coincidence.

Make a a note of it if ya decide not to take any action and something pops up later to cause issues with the result of the ritual ya have a potential note on it to gather data on.

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Re-lit the candle again tonight, as usual. So far the flame is tall, strong, and steady. Fingers crossed.

If i were you i would light a black blockbuster candle which would have been followed by a road opener and then the candle that you are doing.

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I’ll order some candles :grin:

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don’t forget more poppets or paper poppets to burn with candles. lol

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Candles being suddenly extinguished is usually a bad omen. But, what that omen is meant to foretell is up to your interpretation.

Definitely not a good sign. I’d take it as the spell probably won’t work