Neophyte level help question

In looking for truth about myself and
a handful of others, how do I go about it?
1 Invocations to angels?
2 Invocations to ‘foreign’ gods?
3 Goetic work?
4 Tarot or other divination?
One and four have profited me little if at all.
Over the past give years my life derailed and
crashed and burned. So did most of my
faith or belief in anything or myself…
which is coming back a bit.
So, I have zero money to work with or give
or pay to anyone. What I do have is
beginner level knowledge and experience,
some tools, a handful of candles, some
Effectively homeless but have a place or
two temporarily. Neither cool with Satan
and pals.
While getting back everything I lost would
be awesome, I expect very little.
Tried guided meditations for shadow work.
Pretty much nada gained.
Butler wrote about the two dwellers on the
threshold, and while most go for the greater
or HGA first, they should work with the
lesser first.

So … Looking to know the Truth of my entire
self, any original purpose, where I stand
now and what to expect, truth about a
handful of people. All truth, zero lies, zero
sugar coating.

Please, looking for advice from
accomplished magicians around
my age (47). Thanks in advance.

As i am not 47 and only 23 my experience is pretty great in magick. I found out who i really was when i was 14 but it manifested in this plane just in the last few years. I would meditate and go on spiritual journeys in the astral plane with the mission of finding out my past lives. I did but i didnt believe what i saw and thought i was seeing what i wanted. I was wrong for these were truth. So i would advise you to do this also for to understand who you are now, you must look to who you have been that will give you the direction you need.

[quote=“DouglasJamesCameronFuego, post:1, topic:8164”]In looking for truth about myself and
a handful of others, how do I go about it?
1 Invocations to angels?[/quote]

Well I’m not your age but I have over 25 years experience and have had an interesting life with a lot of insight & hard internal work needed just to avoid self-destruction, so I hope I qualify. :slight_smile:

I suggest asking RAPHAEL for help here, he’s a healer, he won’t fuck you up out of heavy-handedness or for lols (unlike some spirits) and he deals in information, he’s very very good at that are.

I’m 100% certain that he’s your best first call.

I’m just a little younger than you, but in the same age bracket. I’ve been practicing all of my life, and have a TON of experience with the good and the bad.

My first questions would be–since you say you have beginner level’s knowledge, do you have the basic mental tools with which to work. I ask, because you say you’ve tried guided meditations for shadow work, and you’ve had no success. I do not want to words in your mouth, or make assumptions, but could you be more specific by what you mean by that? One of the basic tools that a magician must have is being able to meditate and focus. This may be why you have not been having success. If you haven’t mastered the basics, you won’t get reliabl results in your magical workings.

I totally agree with Lady Eva, RAPHAEL is definitely the way to go for healing. He’s the dude. Since you say you don’t enjoy working with angels, you might try BUER, but he isn’t anywhere near as gentle about stuff as RAPHAEL is. You can do a classic invocation of Raphael with little trouble. Buer might be more heavy handed, and might ‘require’ (in quotes, of course) a more formal evoke/invocaton.

What ‘foreign’ gods do you feel attracted to? That might helps us come up with another answer to your question. I, personally, tend to work with the Teutonic pantheon the most at this point in my life, but I have worked with others.