Negative thoughts I can't control, at least not yet


I’ll let the others who talk to Lilith verify that one since i don’t lol, but Azazel and Belial both have said we have abilities because of our human shells that they can’t obtain and some crave it.
This is the place were you can become a living god. Their words not mine.

Of course your soul isn’t human, no one’s is. Souls are energy and if/when we reincarnate we can take any form, hell one person was discussing even reincarnating in a different plane of existence. Being human isn’t a hindrance and looking down on others isn’t really helpful to you.

The OP is having what could be considered a mental health issue, telling them to just go with it and be narcissistic doesn’t help them. They can better themselves more with discipline, and Spirits help. They want to grow, not just sit looking down on others which is really stagnation.


Well, I don’t consider myself better than anybody, I have soo much I could change/improve… These intrusive thoughts have nothing to do with looking down on other lifeforms, and many times are directed towards spirits which I do want to work with and respect and admire.

I’m avoiding any kind of contact with spirits to avoid problems (only communicate with Marbal to ask for help with this), and will continue to do so until I’ve enough control over the intrusive thoughts

These thoughts are completely illogical and absurd, irrational, random, senseless, offensive, and obviously go against all my feelings, emotions, wishes and intentions.

It almost feels like having someone else inside my head, who is actively trying to sabotage any
kind of communication with spirits by being offensive to them. Fortunately seems like Marbal distinguishes between the intrusive thoughts and my real intentions… But I don’t know if all the spirits can do that.

I wouldn’t have anything to worry about if spirits were unable to read thoughts and would only pay attention to my spoken words and actions, as humans do

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I respect your answer @Alita but you see, I have a quirk,


And no one else does, gotcha.
If you don’t have anything constructive for OP lets not derail their post about this ummm?


I can have these thoughts aswell, what i found out is that meditation is helpful for that. And being mindful of what you are doing instead of living in the head… Its just how we have been moulded by society to judge everything we see.


I’d also suggest asking Marbas if he senses any other spirits around you. It could be a combination of external and internal issues.
You could try cleansing yourself too and your home just as a percaution.

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Yes of course.


I would highly suggest taking note of what @Mr.Ruubs137 said. I dare say we all have unwanted thoughts and impulses especially the further we delve into the darkness. Meditation is key to establishing control of the mind, and being able to discern whether those thoughts are coming from an external entity or from within.

That said, I’d be wary of allowing any beliefs to form around that feeling that someone else is in your head. I think that’s a quick way to end up in a psych ward. To give an example, I once was in a liminal state and saw a shadow. I felt that the shadow was malicious, and suddenly, it took form and started coming toward me! There are all kinds of things that would love for you to give them space in your mind and energy to exist within your area of influence. Don’t let them.


Ah that’s a big topic. Unwanted thoughts…? You really think that these thoughts are “unwanted” with the exact meaning of the word, or just oppressed needs? :smirk: Given the freedom that the LHP gives us, it’s only normal for your true self to rise to the surface. But that’s definitely not a discussion that will help the OP, I will agree with the meditation.



I asked him, although I think I’m not skilled enough to have a conversation with a spirit yet, since he didn’t say anything

I’ll try cleansing myself later :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope meditation is going to help, I do it almost daily now. I was some sort of functional cocaine addict not long ago, since I started with meditation I no longer feel the need to snort white powder, so that’s already an improvement :stuck_out_tongue:

Will try to call them both then :slight_smile:

I’ll avoid that :slight_smile:, although I don’t really think there is someone else in there… It was just a way of explaining the problem. I think my mind is just fucked up, it always has, and for the most part I don’t care, but I really want to have control over my thoughts so they don’t interfere with summoning, evocations, rituals, etc. Most of the darkness in me, I perfectly understand and embrace it, except for these intrusive thoughts, I just can’t understand them (I don’t consider them “dark” either, but irrational and offensive). I mean, it doesn’t make sense to try to actively piss off a spirit I REALLY WANT to speak/work to, yet a part of my mind has some kind of OCD and can’t stop doing that (not yet)

Well, maybe It won’t help but I seriously doubt It could hurt, feel free to say whatever you have to say


Try automatic writing, I’ve found it works very well if you’re having trouble hearing them. :slight_smile:


If you have a spirit guide with you ask them to delete those thoughts. I had that trouble until I asked my succubus wife to delete them before they happen (she has a similar power to seeing the future). Thoughts can hurt spirits if directed at them unintentionally. At least their feelings anyways.


Honestly it’s the exact same way with my intrusive thoughts. But the spirits of the goetia in my practice seem to be pretty understanding. I wouldn’t let it stop you. if you explain to them what’s going on, they’ll get it. They might be caught off guard by what your thoughts say or even insulted at times but as long as you clarify it’s an intrusive thought and maintain some semblance within your mind you’re good in their book. In my experience they forgive but they will respond to the thought. Like if you think a thought that’s like “i want to get there attention” they’ll show up and be annoyed but they’ll forgive you for it. At Least in my experience. Demons generally tend to understand with me. But you know each spirit is different.


I am usually a loner edgelordish negative self destructive asshole. Then I see something in a forum do some research and try working with a spirit (I still like the edgy title DEMON). Suddenly I’m more mellow. My turf toe isn’t healed but I’m sure not being an angry SOB.

And I also start sneezing as I think of Buer; go figure.

Btw, today I downloaded all the Satan & Sons enns to mp3. Once you start with one and get it embedded in mind it sticks.

So, still on Buer and haven’t moved to Focalor.


I don’t know if I have an spirit guide, but Marbas and Archangel Michael have been very helpful with this problem, and I’m making progress

I know, that is why I didn’t try to summon a succubus yet. I think it would be very healthy (for both me and hypothetical succubus) to build a relationship, since they are so loving and caring, and I can be that way too and am happy when it is reciprocal

But I’ll wait until I’m in full control of my mind, because succubus may be able to delete the intrusive thoughts before they happen, but she would be aware anyways (they have to be, in order to delete them), and I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings

Being direct and honest with them and apologizing regularly has certainly worked for me :slight_smile:


Since you feel like you are plagued by it, I wanted to let you know Haagenti can be extremely helpful, I think you should contact him to get rid of this problem

I asked him to remove all my negative/intrusive thoughts, to give me a clear mind. Gave him food offerings, told him this was extremely important to me and that I’d be generous if he helped, that I’d give more offerings from time to time, even if we don’t work together again.

Less than 24 hours later, I’m noticing a really huuge improvement

Gave my own blood to Marbas and Belial a few days ago while asking them help on another matter, that created a bond and I’m sure that they also greatly influenced this huge change I had today


Try some buddist phylosophy, your mind is just another part of yourself, it is not you per se, i mean, stop identifiying yourself with those intrusive ideas, and you will gradually free yourself from most of them.


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I’ll mention a few things that worked for me, in case someone comes across this thread with the same problems I had:

1.-Connect to your Higher Self, this is extremely important to find peace and build/enhance your own magickal power. If you need help, there are spirits who will make this connection instantly so you have your Higher Self easily available whenever you need him, just by entering meditative state.

Marbas connected me to my Higher Self instantly when I asked him to do so. Note that if you do it this way, you can have intense tremors in all your body during several hours and you may get very scared, but Marbas says it is just a normal Central Nervous System response

2.-Research about Chakras and work on them, open them, heal them, make sure every chakra is balanced. You can use binaural beats, they are great. There are some binaural beats on youtube, videos that last 6 - 9 hours, they are intended to be played while you sleep or while meditating. Personally I was a bit lazy with meditation, but had great, fast results listening the beats while sleeping anyways

This can be very helpful too