Negative energy on me?

Im at my grandmothers house and she lit an incense stick- I was looking at how much it moved around and commented how my incense smoke is always in a really long, skinny stream that goes straight up in the air

The longer that I looked, the thinner and longer the smoke got- so i stopped looking at it and told her to look at it because it changed. So she did, and when I looked back at it- the smoke was moving around a bunch again.

So then we did that like twice, one person staring at a time. If I stare it gets long and steady, if she stares it becomes free moving.

Until we finally watched it at the same time and it got really really wild and swirly. Sometimes swirling like crazy and sometimes it went into a long and thin stream straight up. It was really strange so we looked at eachother like what the hell is it doing. Looked back again and the smoke was done. It burnt down super duper quick.

Apparently a long and steady stream means there’s a lot of negative energy ?? Why would I have that ? Should I try fixing that

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Reason 1: You may indeed have negative energy on you. Just do a banishing ritual or/and cleanse yourself.
Reason 2: By focusing, you control the energy flow within the smoke. By controlling its energy flow, you actually make it move like that, like it’s not free to move as it pleases. You may be doing that, even without realising it.

What would cover me in negative energy in the first place ?

Lesser spirits will start coming around the deeper you get into the occult. The negative energy is theirs.

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Perhaps, but remember that negative energy is pretty much everywhere.
A normie who is angry and sad for some reason? Boom, negative energy. The question shouldn’t be “How it happened?” but “What should I do, in order to protect myself from it?”.

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All of this is a reflection or an experience of your overall state of mind/vibration, so it is the vibration and consciousness you must focus on not the external effect. The effect will change with the consciousness. I suppose that what I’m trying to say is that you don’t really need these tools of divination when you can notice your general emotional state immediately. However, divination can help when you have some subtle, temporarily hidden concept that is generating a limited perspective although this too is reflected in your conditions and emotions.

Yes, if you notice you have more negative emotional countenance then you should focus on getting to a calm or slightly more positive state. I don’t recommend the “fabulous” and “Wow!” states because they are poles that must reverse unless they are seen for what they are, i.e. imposters just like the misery and “woe is me” states.

Negative energy is a misconception of the mind only, a belief system. There is only energy packed with positive and negative charges.

What you did with the smoke is a glimpse of the power of your 6th angle. When is combined with the other 5 angles, then amazing things can be accomplished.

When one feels drain, usually there is a pressure of energy from another human being applied. That source of energy usually is attraction of attention, and feels draining. The entities are alive as internet is, they are bound to servers. The servers are cartain patterns of beliefs and a certain neuralpathways along with physical straining in a determinate position, etc. Only on another level of reality, the entities can be commanded by the Mage to influence the harmony in between the negative and positive charges.

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Try burning some sage instead :slight_smile: Good for cleansing and banishing unwanted left over energy.

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