Needing help kinda confused

Hi new here. I had a strange experience s few yrs back and hoping you guys can help. I was awoken by some hooded men by my bed. I got startled and then everything went black . When I came too I was in a bedroom with antique furniture and candles that burned purple flames. The bed was red infact I wasn’t wearing my nightgown but a red silk slutty skirt that had a slit on both sides to my hips. I was chained by my ankle to the bed and their was two men with what looked like Roman outfits standing at the door. Ok well this dude was in the chair by the door and he was sexy a hell but I couldn’t see his face it keep changing only is weird red eyes stayed the same. When he left the room I saw people in cages and heard screaming. Anyway a bit later some girl came in half her body was beautiful the other half was burned or rotted and her tongue was cut out. Do we spoke telepathically.needless to say I was in this room and the male entity and I had sex mind blowing everything I could hope for sex.

So can anyone help me out am I crazy or idk . I asked him what his name was he wouldn’t tell me.

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I will message you an answer to this if you give consent to the answer.

Morgana Le Fae

I give consent

@Morgana9 I give consent for an answer.

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