Needing help concerning about this rituals

Hello everyone here, Happy new year :fireworks:. Let me go straight to the point without wasting anyone’s time. Last year i was just beginning to read the magical articles and i was interesting into it and i decided to devote my time into it. I firstly came inspired by (system) the book of Solomons magick by (Carroll . P. Runyon). In the book there some kind of rituals to be practiced. Before being practice as i know it’s better to find someone who has an experience (an adept) about magic rituals, because you may had done some rituals that may attract some negative energy (parasites), cause here in this forums there some post that people posting concerning about parasites that leads them into trouble

As a beginner in this magick world I only practice the pentagram banishing mode (LBPR) and planetary septagram ritual. But here in planetary septagram mode i do performed the opening and closing of the this ritual but here i got some doubtful questions just like (1,2) points below concerning this planetary septagram ritual.

(according to the book). And here in pentagram banishing mode and septagram mode i have many questions to ask so as to ensure whether i was perfectly performed this ritual, or wrongly doing thou following all LBPR step

  1. If u perfectly performed this LBPR and in septagram mode. How would i know that what i was doing was perfectly right? Any signs maybe
  2. And if i was wrong doing the practice what are the sign maybe i might notice that this didn’t work well.

According to may story about seeking for the light, and that what am into. what’s are you suggesting for me as a pace to starting with, so as to grasp knowledge and practical performing different rituals, because am envy enough when i read people’s post on how they do succeed in the magical life

Thanks in advance…
Become a living god …

Hi there, happy new year to you too!

It’s amazing that you are doing banishing rituals and know about spiritual protection.

Something else many practitioners have had success with is using the circle of Solomon when evoking the demons as a means of protection and so that they may not leave the circle, however a lot of black magicians also advise against this as a lot of demons do not like circles, sometimes protective crystals like black tourmaline or black onyx or obsidian will be enough. Most demons you evoke or invoke, be sure to use common sense and not evoke any that you don’t believe could help you in some way. Most demons are actually quite benevolent and will help us, but it’s more of a transactional thing with other spirits.

Do lots of research. Here’s a few places to start to advance your magickal journey:

And also on E. A. Koetting’s channel there is a lot of useful information.

About signs that you’re performing a ritual correctly, how do you feel afterwards? Do you get the solution you were looking for after performing the ritual?

After doing an LBPR do you feel safe in your ritual space?

I like to use circles when summoning and I do so all the time. I just prefer the way the energies feel when they are in a circle, like they are more contained. EA sells the universal circle, so he must think circles are good and don’t make demons hate you or something.

I normally use a rope circle around myself, and I usually have the sigils of the entities within a circle.

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In the planetary septagram ritual. If you do performed this you will open your psychics centers in the highest dimensions. I tried it but i didn’t get the solution maybe i was wrong somewhere but i do believe that i was perfectly performed this ritual.

Solutions to our problems through magick, doesn’t always elicit immediate results. I’d give it a few months and up to a year at most.

Are you familiar with S. Connolly’s books? She has lots on money & success rituals. Also I recommend 2 books:

  1. The Magick of Angels and Demons: Practical Rituals for The Union of Power by Henry Archer.

  2. Goetia Pathworking: Magickal Results from The 72 Demons by Corwin Hargrove

I think a pathworking of sorts would be great for you, in that it could help you achieve the spiritual ascension results you seek.

I appreciate alot about you views regarding to the subject.

Thank you, that’s a huge compliment to me :slight_smile:

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