Need very powerful protection

hello all
i need very powerful protection ritual any suggest??
any sigil? or special demon?

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This sigil here will protect you. However, I also included that it will protect you from yourself given the nature of your post. Good luck and BALGodspeed.


thanks bro
can u explain more about this sigil?

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I drew the sigil intuitively, though I can reverse engineer its meaning. The circle is Saturn’s boundary, symbolically representing a castle wall. The 4 dots represent 4 soldiers guarding the wall and protecting what’s inside. The triangle represents fire and spirit aka you. The triangle is doubled to denote the protection from yourself as well.


the Spirits you see standing within the Circle,
directly guarding you closest to you,
govern over other Spirits,
which are out there,
acting upon the Fears and threads you’ve percieved and got here to question about.

They’re going after those who cause danger towards you,
and fight them off at their own basements.

They’re constantly active,
day and night,
as you’re hold under protection from your guards,
so the actual threads get removed,
and you can loosen the Intense Protection you currently got over you,
for the time needed.

The Spirits closely standing next to you,
within the Circle,
are part of the Anatel house.

Their efficiency is well known to us.




Try Vine, he’s a good demon for protection.

I recommend learning a banishing ritual. It’s you as a deity providing your own protection.