Need urgent help

Hello everyone, it’s been a while .Since my last post everything has actually been extremely terrible.I have been in hiding , haven’t seen my children in the longest time… For the past few days I’ve been having this intense feeling like someone is watching me, I feel something very bad is about to happen. I just wish someone here would help me…I want my ex husband to suffer and let me go…I’ve used so much money hiring witches with no results.Things actually keep getting worse.please someone anyone reach out to me if you can help…


We… we don’t really have a way to help you. We don’t even know what the problem is, except that for whatever reason you’re in hiding and you think someone is watching you and that you want someone to suffer.

Anyway, for the let go part there is a very popular spell called “Vovin’s freezer spell” or something along those lines. Use the search function.

Forget it, here is the link to the tutorial:

Hope this helps. I haven’t used it myself, since I don’t want to kick out anyone from my life, but people here has reported success with this.


I will vouch for it’s effectiveness. I’ve used it many times and I’m sure I will have to again.


Now that you say it… my best friend’s has a sister and her husband is a pretty abusive guy. Do you think I could twist it so it works in another person’s life?

I would think that you could. I’m just not sure of the method. Would someone else like to weigh in on this one?

I heard that if there is someone that is deliberately abusive and threatening, to visualize the Negative Energy that the attacker is sending out, using the grey tones, ( color grey ), and direct this energy right back at him/her. "Watch the asshole’s negativity destroy him/her, and sit back, and revel in it "