Need Urgent Help - Bitch Blackmailing me

suicide is never the answer and baneful magick introduces the kind of energy you really dont need now


I second with @dagar

Although I do sympathize with your situation and the shit it’s causing you, bane fully it might just set you up for a whole different shit show…

I mean, I’m no therapist or anything but have you exhausted all other options with your husband??

He is the only thing worth your attention and efforts now, the 3rd wheel woman is just causing unnecessary extra negative probs.

Once again, baneful might not be the answer, however there are other avenues magically that you can still go down before resorting to the proverbial chainsaws of the magical world…

But reiterating, that suicide will not change a thing, for you at least…

If you do find yourself in a bad space with regards to that, you should first seek medical attention and get yourself sorted out, divorces etc etc can take a lot from a person psychologically…

I wish you the very best of luck and hope you get everything sorted out

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Try a Freezer spell. It’s not so baneful and is more geared to self defense by stopping the attacker from working against you - you can search here or online.


I don’t think I can do freezer spell. I do not have a very big refrigerator and I cannot hide my spell bottle. I know that anyone can find it. I don’t want anyone to know about this. Is there any other way?

Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield has some pretty good rituals to stop an enemy with next to no physical materials (the exception being possibly the book itself if you go with paperback or the symbols if you draw them out). I have had some pretty fast results from that book.

The rituals range from more subtle workings such as bindings, banishment and silencing gossip to more aggressive means such as the master curse.

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I have Pdf copy of that book. Will it work?

Friendly reminder people who haven;t been in for 3 months can;t offer free work (this is to give folks enough posts to decide whether they think that person’s work and general approach are suitable) and no-one can contact you offering paid work, it’s a forum rule to prevent folks getting hustled or scammed etc.

Try the freezer spell on her if possible, maybe ask a friend or family if you can’t do this in your own home: Vovin's Freeze Spell ~ from

One thing though, if you’re desperate (which is understandable!) don;t just throw a bunch of different spells at this, or different people working without letting them know what’s going on, for example if someone uses a fire-based spell on her to “burn” her when she thinks of you, and you also do the freeze spell, it could clash and can even make things worse for you and/or hurt the practitioner, it’s really important.

Nothing wrong with having more than one working at once, just make sure they’re all aware and not clashing. :+1:

Please don’t do that, I understand things look bad but she is the one who is out of line here, and you should be able to fix this with a bit of magick.


It should, same material. I have the kindle version

Thanks Lady_Eva. I wanted to ask you if I evoke Forneus to help me with my husband and make him to forgive me and reconcile will it help. Forneus can make people or enemies to see best in you. So will he help me in this situation?

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I don’t have any real experience with that spirit, sorry.

Can u suggest me some spirit which you have successfully used for love?

I’m sensing a lot of anxious energy. You have to first take some time to calm down and properly acess the situation. There was a lot of great advice given by the members here.

Freeze the chick out, that will take care of her and her bs. Don’t let her even think for a second that you’re in a place of defeat. You’re a queen, a goddess, and you’re the ruler of your world…throw some magick her way and make her STFU.

If you want to call on a spirit, make sure to do the proper due dilligence to get a feel of whether or not the spirit can help you. There are a ton out there and I’m sure you’ll find the right one. Go with your instinct if all else fails.

I know you directed the question to Lady Eva, but I can recommend Duke Dantalion, as he can change someone’s emotions. I always call on him to influence someone’s emotions to make them soften their heart towards me, think positive and loving thoughts, etc.

Good luck :bouquet:

Thanks for your reply.
I have really thought very much about my situation and why all this is happening to me. But I am also thinking about instead of blaming others for my life problems I should look within myself to get an answer. If I m in peace with myself then I will find peace outside. Can Duke Dantalion help me to rediscover what I really want from my life?

Of course he can help. You could also send duke Dantalion to her. He can get in her head and, FUCK her up

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In the book “ARCHANGEL PATHWORKINGS, Raziel’s Paths of Power Volume II” by Jareth Tempest, stated that Michael can protect against gossip and when you get threats!
The rituals in this book are simple

Thanks, Miku.

I will surely ask help to Angel Michael for protection. Is there any sigil for Angel Michael?

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You definitely can call him from a sigil but I think the connection will work better if you go with the pathworking!
Anyways this is the sigil I use but there are more!

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How to do pathworking. Is it same as ritual opening in DOM?

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Yes! But you go through Raziel first! Then the spirit you want

It’s why it’s worth opening up the closet doors full of skeletons. Sorry to hear about your marriage; however, your soon to be ex-husband doesn’t seem very open-minded or forgiving. I’m sure he has a past to.


Baneful magick should ALWAYS be a last resort. And suicide does nothing but make people who love you angry with the deceased party.

My two cents, I feel others have been on point with their answers. What bothers me is the cultural aspects you have written about - as this brought up a trigger for me.

Personally, I thin you are dealing with some aspects of shame that you’ll need to work through on a conscious and sub-conscious level. Baneful magick should only be done when you’re strong and have a healthy relationship with your mind.